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Just because you’re good with the ladies doesn’t mean you don’t like to rub one out once in awhile. Display it on your nightstand and she may want to try it out on you.

  • No-Mess Cleanup
  • Adjustable Tightness
  • Discreet Design
  • Naturally Retains Heat

5 disposable sleeves

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Sleek in Mack Black, the fifi is a versatile, no-mess male masturbator. Unlike other sex toys for men, the fifi doesn't need cleaning because of its disposable sleeves. After use, throw the sleeve out and you're done. fifi rolls as tightly or loosely as you prefer, and for added pressure you just squeeze it. For a more realistic sensation, the fifi’s foam insert retains heat as you use it. The discreet design can blend with any environment, even though Mack Black fifi is a stylish choice that you won't mind showing off. fifi is a functional and smart male masturbation toy that’s better than your hand. It's simply the best male masturbator.

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Great for College
Since I am a college student this is easier, faster, and less cleaning up to do after I use it. I have a Fleshlight but the uncomfortable this is that every time after I use it I have to clean it, and sometimes it would be uncomfortable to go to the bathroom with a towel around the Fleshlight and not try to look conspicuous as what I have. With the fifi, it's just use, throw away, and repeat. No mess, easy clean up, and no awkward walks to the bathroom.
Review by Artyom / (Posted on 9/10/2017)
Feels better than others fhat cost 4 times as much!
Feels like more like real anal than vaginal. It feels way better than a Fleshlight or Tenga. It also is very discreet. I have tried many lubes with it and found that System Jo H2O Anal feels the best and cleans up easy.
Review by LG / (Posted on 8/5/2016)
Easy Clean Up
I ordered the fifi - Sex Toy for Men for my male friend. I ordered it in the color black. In the package you get the following:
* FIFI Toy
* 5 sleeves
* 5 packets of lubrication
The Fifi is adjustable so you can make it as tight or loose as you like. It is a soft foam material with a cloth cover on top of it. To use, you insert one of the disposable sleeves into the Fifi than roll up and stretch the top of the sleeve over the top of the Fifi. Make sure to add a little lube inside the sleeve before inserting yourself into it. The concept of the Fifi is great, it makes for easy to clean up and more of a real feeling, it holds heat into the Fifi to make it feel more real and comfortable. My friend said he really liked it due to the fact that it was so easy to clean up, after he was done, he just pulled the sleeve out and threw it away; no more dirty socks! The only downfall to the sleeve we can think of would be having to buy the sleeves, they are not cheap, but if you do not use the toy that much, than they are worth it. Overall, he said he would recommend this to any male to try, you will not regret your decision. It's a great toy.
Review by Rebecca / (Posted on 8/5/2016)
fifi travels well, can be adjusted for tightness, and I easily make "her" tighter at the opening and looser as you move inside, just like a real pussy! And she's much more compact, much easier to keep clean, and a LOT less expensive than a Fleshlight.
Review by Ray / (Posted on 1/26/2016)
Love it
Excellent product! I enjoy the fact that it is not obnoxious to leave out in view, and I love the ease of cleanup. I have a large amount of ejaculate and this makes it soooooo easy afterwards to clean up the mess. The sleeves are roomy enough for your cock and your whole load, unlike condoms that can feel like a plug when you shoot. I have a Fleshlight and just hate having to clean the cum out of the gel sleeve and the plastic holder when I'm done. I have tried the gel masturbator sleeves but then it goes everywhere and you have to be conscious about what you're gonna hit with it all. With the Fifi, I can loose myself in the moment and then easily dispose of it without cleaning cum off myself, the couch, and a sleeve. Great product. I did discover that a lot of lube works best, and it does get nice and warm after you get going.
Review by John / (Posted on 11/24/2015)
Easy Clean
I had a Fleshlight and used it one time, it felt good but afterwards I roll over and went to sleep. The next day I had to clean it out and instead, I just set it under the sink and haven’t used it since. I bought the fifi because you don’t have to clean it. It did the job and felt just as good.
Review by DanMan32 / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Adjustable Tightness
Being able to adjust the tightness is a great feature. You can really wrap the fifi tight around yourself. Also cool you can squeeze it and feel the pressure.
Review by Rog / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Good change of pace
Compared to intercourse/oral it was not as good (no surprise) It was nice as a change from standard masturbation. I would give it a 7 or 8 based purely on the experience. I would give it a 10 on clean up because I didn’t have to do anything.
Review by Jack / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
fifi review
You need to get used to how to roll up the sleeves. Doesn't take long though and it's really easy after you do a few. I was actually surprised on how good it felt and just being able to toss the sleeve after and not clean anything is nice.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Good Idea
I have always just put some porn on and use my hand didn’t really think I needed anything more. But I’m glad I tried the Fifi because it feels better than my hand and even with lube there is no mess. Great idea.
Review by fisker32 / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Feels Good
I must say that the fifi is definitely worth the cost. The fact the device is relatively cheap to use and easy clean up are definite advantages of using this product. The adjustable tightness is a plus and the feeling is quite good.
Review by Jono / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
I luv to masterbate and watch porn. I bought 50 sleeves when I bought the fifi and I use it everyday.
Review by fifiboy / (Posted on 8/8/2015)
Really cool product. Love the no mess cleanup and feels great.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 7/20/2015)