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Your Blood Pressure and Sexual Health: What’s the Connection?


Known to many doctors as the silent killers, high blood pressure or hypertension has long been known to cause an array of health problems in both sexes. However, what has been recently discovered is that men’s tendency to be affected by this disorder is nearly twice that of women’s. There are many theories as to why this might be the case including testosterone receptors playing a part, or men’s tendency to prefer meat-heavy meals. Whatever the case may be, high blood pressure can have far reaching consequences on the male body.

Sexual dysfunction and its relation to high blood pressure has been a hot topic for medical researchers lately. In some studies of men with this disorder, often the very first signs that they were suffering from high blood pressure or other diseases of the heart came in the form of erectile dysfunction. Many may be confused as to what cardiovascular health has to do with anything “down there.” However, when considering the fact that the human penis has no bones, and that all erections occur as a result of actions taking place in the vascular system, it is not surprising that these disorders are connected.

There the three major ways in which high blood pressure can affect erectile health. By becoming well versed in the symptoms of blood pressure related erectile dysfunction, men have the ability to empower themselves with the knowledge they need to make healthier choices.

Deflation, or Lack of Erection

High blood pressure is essentially an overabundance of pressure in the arteries which store blood. Over time, this pressure can cause weakness in the circulatory system which causes decreased blood flow to certain areas of the body. Erections are formed and maintained by blood rushing to the penis and maintaining increased blood flow to the region for the duration of sexual activity.

Circulation issues do not simply affect the function of sex, but every function of the body. Any signs of circulation problems should be immediately reported to a healthcare professional because delaying treatment could lead to life threatening complications. Remember that no one symptom is ever the only issue when it comes to hypertension. As the old adage says, where there’s smoke there’s fire, so it is vital to investigate any signs of illness in the cardiovascular system.

Decreased Sensitivity

Diminished circulation to the genital area does not only affect arousal. At times, men may be able to achieve an erection due to stimulus, but experience a lack of sensation. In the same way some paraplegic men are able to achieve erections despite lacking sensation, men with hypertension may experience erections, but not the pleasurable sensations associated with sex. If left untreated, hypertension can permanently damage the nerves associated with sexual stimulation and cause irreparable loss of sensation in the penile region.

Diminished Control

Some men develop a problem controlling their climaxes and merely attribute it to age. Though age can absolutely have an adverse effect on control, hypertension can also play a role. The same factors which lead to a lack of sensation can also affect sexual stamina and control. The processes by which men stave off orgasm are controlled by the vascular system, and as such these processes are directly affected by the amount of pressure placed on the delicate arterial system. Unhealthy arteries lead to diminished sexual capacity overall, but often men attribute this symptom simply to age because it frankly makes sense that it might eventually happen. While some loss of control is to be expected with age, severe problems, particularly those which have a sudden onset should be treated as a medical symptom and be addressed rather than ignored as something that just happens.

High blood pressure has many consequences. The effects this disorder has on the body can be far reaching and devastating if left untreated. Though there are many symptoms which are associated with high blood pressure, research has shown that in men, erectile dysfunction can be the earliest clue. By taking charge of their health, men have the opportunity to pursue happy and functional sex lives, free from embarrassment. Remember that any symptoms of disease should be immediately reported to a healthcare professional.