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World Photo Day and what it means for every masturbator

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August 19th is World Photo Day, which means that everyone with an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook is using the occasion as an excuse to post even more pictures from their smartphones. Not that we needed any further encouragement to do that, of course! But what is World Photo Day and why should we care?

The patent for the daguerreotype, an early form of photography originating from France, was made public on August 19, 1839. Six years ago somebody decided to make this a worldwide day of celebration. It’s not really a holiday and you probably won’t find it on any calendars. We don’t think anyone’s employer is going to make it an official day off, not unless your boss is just really into photography.

As for why this matters to fifi Sex Toy for Men and our customers, well, we sure would have a much harder time finding jerkoff material if photography had never been invented, duh! You wouldn’t have known what a fifi looked like. Maybe the internet never would have existed in the first place if that intrepid soul hadn’t created the daguerreotype. We love photography because it has made it so much easier for us to create our personal spank bank, whether it’s in print or just stored in a folder on our hard drive.

Why not celebrate World Photo Day with your fifi? Track down some nekkid photos of the sexiest people you can think of. Get out your fifi, a disposable sleeve (or more, if you need them—the internet has millions upon millions of sexy photos so this could take a while), and your favorite lube. Commence to jerkin’! Have a happy World Photo Day, all you chronic masturbators out there!

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