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If you get to work from home, it can be hard to resist just slacking off (read: jacking off) all day, but we don’t recommend getting carried away with this freedom. After all, you do have to pay bills, keep a roof over your head, and feed yourself. Money for sex toys and lube is good, too. It might sound crazy for a sex toy maker to tell you not to masturbate too much, but fifi cares. We want you to jack off responsibly when you’re working from home. When you’re off the clock, however… we think you should jerk it to your heart’s content with the best male masturbator around!

But every workday should allow for some free time, whether you’re taking a coffee break, a smoke break, or—our favorite—a fifi break. You’re at home, you presumably don’t have surveillance cameras recording your every move, and hopefully you have your fifi supplies. When it’s time to step away for the desk for a little break, have your fifi male masturbator, your disposable sleeves, and your favorite lube ready and waiting in your favorite masturbation spot.

Those of you who are lucky enough to work from home will be a lot more relaxed if you take a fifi break. Study upon study has shown that orgasms, including self-induced ones, are great for relaxation. You can feel the tension just melt away. Even though you’ll have to get back to work afterward, you’ll feel so much happier when you’re done that you almost won’t care about those TPS reports or that full email inbox. Your employer will be happy to see your productivity increase.

Your fifi sex toy for men will make your next work-from-home day even more awesome. Get your fifi here, and don’t forget the sleeves and lube.