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Women confess their sexual “sins” to fifi!

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Hot women confess their sexual “sins”

At fifi, we’re lucky enough to be friends with quite a few horny, hot women who like to tell us about their sexual escapades. Over the long holiday weekend, we had a cookout and made sure to invite all of these women. Three of them let us record their stories as long as we promised not to use their real names. Enjoy reading as these women confess their dirty deeds, you pervs! We had fun hearing these stories and transcribing them for you.

Lisa’s cougar threeway

A perfect example of a hot forty-year-old, Lisa is on an extended post-divorce sexual spree. “I had been separated for only about a month when this happened,” Lisa told us after cracking open her first beer of the afternoon. “I went to visit a friend of mine who worked at a college, but I don’t really want to go into more detail and get her in trouble. We went drinking at some bar she liked. My friend was also recently divorced and I was on a horny rampage after years of bad sex with my ex, so when this cute student that she knew happened to show up, we started drinking together. We stumbled across the street to a hotel and my friend and I taught that college boy more lessons than he ever got on campus. He said it was his first threesome. After we were all screwed out, he said we made him never want to fuck anyone but older women ever again.”

Trina and the pizza girl

“I swear this is not just a porno I watched,” said Trina, who’s been with her girlfriend for a year. “Before I was with my girlfriend, every time I had a boyfriend I’d fantasize about getting one of my hottest girl friends to join us for a threesome, but I was afraid to ask. When I masturbated I usually thought about women. I was a seriously closeted bisexual. One time I called for a pizza and when the doorbell rang, it was a pizza girl, not a boy. I can’t explain it but I started flirting with her hardcore. I might have been a little high. She was on the clock, but she said that if I wanted to meet her after she got off work I could call her. I took her number and I was shaking when I punched in the digits a couple of hours later. She got there in thirty minutes or less, ha! She didn’t have time to change, so she just stripped out of her work uniform. It was my first time actually touching a naked woman’s body, and I never came so hard in my life. I was too scared to order from that pizza place ever again, but it was worth it. She showed me what I had been missing. The next time I had sex it was with the woman who’s now my girlfriend. Oh, and the smell of pizza turns me on now.”

Becky with the good tits

“When I was in college I liked to go to my art history lecture with no bra,” Becky told us after her third beer. “There was this guy in my class who was exactly my type, an artist who wouldn’t give me the time of day. I like a challenge! So I decided that maybe if I didn’t wear a bra under my old, thin, white Love & Rockets t-shirt and I sat in front of him in the extremely air-conditioned lecture hall, it might be a good way to get his attention.” Did it work? “Well, that guy never seemed to care, but the T.A. did. I knew he was checking me out and I let him know I was into it. We fucked several times that semester, just hooking up after class. We never did it again after that class was over, but it was great while it lasted. I saw him around campus a few times afterward, but it was only a fling and we both knew it.”

We love it when women confess their deepest, dirtiest sexual secrets. Don’t you?