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Why low-tech fifi is better than high-tech male sex toys

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Sometimes guys just want to lie back and let a blowjob robot get them off. We get that, truly. Just lying back and being serviced is one of the many reasons dudes love getting sucked off. But the low-tech fifi, while it does need you to put in minimal effort yourself, is still so much better than a Beejomatic 2000. (Not a real thing, but with a name like that we wish it was.)

The first issue with an automated sex toy like an Autoblow 2 is the hesitation you might have to put your junk in something with moving parts. Anything that requires a warning of possible bodily harm is not something that a lot of guys want to stick their dick inside, for obvious reasons. All those moving parts seem a little hard, cold, and vaguely threatening. But fifi, by contrast, is soft, warm, and welcoming, like a cushion for your pushin’. On the inside and outside, it’s soft and comfortable, and the more you use it the more it forms into your unique size and shape.

High-tech sex toys can be so loud that even the sound alone makes you want to keep it away from your package. If you’re trying to get off without the neighbors knowing about it, a big whirring sound is less than ideal. When you use a fifi there are some squelching sounds, sure, but no more than what your hand makes. You can turn on the TV or a fan if you need a discreet whacking session, unless you’re a real moaner.

Of course, none of those problems with mechanical masturbators will even be an issue if you forget to plug it in or buy batteries. Save electricity, stop using battery after battery, and avoid spending money on rechargeable ones by getting a fifi instead. The only things you’ll be tossing are your used disposable sleeves.

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