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What’s the Best Way to Increase Sensitivity and Stimulation?

Whats the Best Way to Increase Sensitivity and Stimulation

As most men know, sensitivity levels can make a sexual experience mind blowing or completely unenjoyable. There are many habits and health conditions that affect how sensitive a man is during sex. A lot of men make the mistake of always using a single method that causes a huge reduction in sensitivity over time, and circumcision also greatly affects how sensitive a man is to stimulation. Without enough sensitivity, some men find it difficult or impossible to orgasm, and this can really affect their relationships and self-esteem. Regardless of the problem behind your lack of sensation, these tips can help you to increase sensitivity in all sexual situations.

Change Your Grip

A few common male masturbation techniques are the biggest cause of sensitivity reduction. Because most men do not get any sort of advice or instruction, they are just figuring it out themselves based on what feels good. Unfortunately, certain habits such as laying down to masturbate or using a “death grip” can cause problems over time. They might be convenient and easy, but it tends to compress the nerves and make it harder for sensations to be felt. It can be tricky for men to still get enjoyment when they switch up their routine, but this can help to restore sensitivity and prevent any injuries.

Involve Other Body Parts

It might seem counterproductive, but stimulating other body parts can help to increase penis sensitivity. Many different body parts, including ears, nipples, navels, and even the backs of the knees, to be very arousing areas, so involving these parts in foreplay can make the entire sexual experience more titillating. Experiment with other erogenous zones to find techniques that work for you. This can be especially arousing if you have a partner to help you try out new things.

Experiment with Toys

Women have countless sexual toys, but a lot of men forget to include toys in their own sexual routines. However, the stigma around sexual toys for men no longer exists, and they can be an excellent addition if you want to increase sensitivity. Innovations such as the disposable Fifi allow men to have fun without making a mess. Unlike masturbation with your hand, the Fifi or another similar product is designed to provide gentle, even pressure that stimulates without desensitizing or overstimulating a man. This can be a great tool to reduce problematic friction while masturbating.

Protect the Glans

It is a sad fact that circumcised men tend to have less sensitivity than uncircumcised men. This happens because the foreskin is supposed to protect the sensitive tissue of the glans throughout the day. Glans renewal processes that involve a shield to protect the glans or stretching exercises to lengthen the foreskin have become more popular now that circumcision is no longer considered necessary. Though it may not be for everyone, it is worth looking into if you are circumcised and want maximum sensitivity.

Don’t Forget Lubricant

Lubricants and oils might make cleanup a little more difficult, but they are extremely important. Not only do they make the whole experience more enjoyable, but they are also essential to preventing friction. Excessive penile friction can cause micro injuries and compress the sensitive nerve cells near the skin, so it is important to avoid it as much as possible. Whether you are having sex or going solo, a lubricating product is a great way to protect sensitivity.

Take a Break

If all else fails, this is a foolproof method for restoring sensitivity. The reason that men feel a lack of sensitivity is because they are basically building up their toleration to stimulation. Over time, the brain craves a higher and higher level of sensation to get the same pleasurable effect. This means that actions that used to provoke immediate arousal may not seem as noticeable or enjoyable. Try to cut back on masturbation for a few weeks, and you should notice a big difference.