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Using a fifi with your partner

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Because masturbation usually tends to be a solitary activity, we don’t hear much about guys who use their fifi with a partner. Some guys are lucky enough to be with someone who’s open-minded and doesn’t just like knowing they jack off, but actually wants to help them. We’ve heard from customers whose partners like to help them find creative ways to use their favorite sex toy.

One woman wrote to us to say that she bought the black pleather fifi Dominator for her submissive boyfriend specifically to use it on him in their BDSM play. She likes edging him closer and closer to orgasm, denying him a full release until she’s ready to let him fuck her. This is obviously a guy with a lot of stamina and self-control.

Another customer let us know that he and his partner each have their own fifi, and one of their favorite kinds of foreplay is using their fifis while they watch each other masturbate.

Still another guy wrote to us to say that his wife bought his fifi for him because he’s in the military, stationed in another country. They FaceTime each other when he gets some time alone and then they get creative, each of them using their own toy.

We think it’s awesome that fifi male masturbators can be a solitary masturbation experience as well as a sexual aid for couples to enjoy their sex lives together. Are these guys lucky or what?

Whether you use it solo or you have someone to get creative with, you can get your fifi male masturbator here.