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You can’t get away from Star Wars these days, not even here on the fifi blog (sorry to those of you who are tired of it, all one or two of you). While we certainly haven’t hit the big time to a point where we could offer you a licensed fifi, we do like to think that our male sex toy is a good blank canvas for your imagination when you’re enjoying some alone time and, um, using the force. We’ve got fifis for your inner Jedi or Sith.

Do you identify more with the Dark Side? Mack Black is probably going to be your fifi of choice.

Fire Red and Big Blue fifi can help you use the force as you pretend that you’re wielding a light saber for your dick.

Commando Camouflage is a great color for blending into the surroundings in case you get stuck on a desert planet like Tatooine. Hey, we know it’s unlikely, but we’re just throwing that out there. We know that some of you like fifi’s discreet design, and in that environment it will blend.

We know that there are lots of you of a certain age who experienced your own awakening… in your pants… when you saw Leia in that gold bikini. Your fifi sex toy for men can help you use the force as you relive those happy memories. If you’re more of a Padme type of guy, or maybe you just want to hide your giant space slug in the asteroid cavern. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody what’s fueling your jack-off session.

Who shot first? You will, if you use the force with our male sex toy that you can adjust perfectly to your size and the tightness you prefer.

Get fifi in any color, and don’t forget the disposable sleeves and water-based lube!