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Unwanted erections and how to avoid them

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We’re willing to bet that every guy with a functional penis has known the horror of unwanted erections at some point in his life. Sometimes you just can’t help popping a boner when you’re standing on a train or sitting at the back of your geometry class.

An actor giving an interview once told a horror story about how the old “picture the audience naked” advice backfired on him early in his career in the theatre. Presumably there were some attractive people sitting in the front row.

Having a hot teacher can be the death of your social life when you’re in high school. One of us unfortunately had the potentially mortifying experience of getting hard right before a fire drill, but at least everyone was too busy trying to get out of the building to notice, and so no one ever figured out who was the exact object of his desire.

It’s even worse when you get sprung at a wedding or a funeral. What if you have a sexy dentist or you happen to work as a lifeguard? Unwanted erections can make it rough to have a penis, as much fun as we have with them.

How can we rid ourselves of this scourge? The most obvious answer is to rub one out before you leave the house. When you’re in a hurry you don’t want to have to clean out your sex toy, and you definitely don’t want to leave the cleanup for later when it’s going to be even grosser. That doesn’t mean you just have to settle for a quick wank with your hand, though. This is one of the many times when you’ll be glad to own a fifi male masturbator.

The signature feature of fifi is the disposable sleeve. It’s like a big condom for your sex toy, so you can just toss the mess and put away your fifi. Of course, you can also just leave it sitting out if you want, since it looks like an ice pack sleeve or a bottle cozy. Either way, you can easily drain the dragon and leave for your date, your class, your big meeting, or whatever other function you have to attend where Mr. Happy most definitely needs to stay put.

Get fifi if you’d like to take care of your unwanted erections before they happen.