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If you’re like a lot of guys, you fall fast asleep after you have an orgasm. Not to get overly technical, but it has to do with the release of certain brain chemicals and the physical exertion of sex. If you’re already in bed and you’re tired, then it’s only natural that your body wants to go to sleep after you’ve finished. It’s not just your imagination, and an orgasm is the perfect sleep aid because it feels a whole lot better than taking a pill. Having an orgasm and then getting to sleep for at least eight hours sounds like the perfect night to us. As sleep aids go, an orgasm is natural and it’s usually going to be free, so you get to feel good about that, too. If it’s habit forming, well, we’d rather get hooked on orgasms than anything else.

If you’re not getting laid often enough to see any sleep benefits, then you can still get the same effect from masturbation. We are definitely not going to judge you because, after all, wanking is kind of our thing, right? We just want to help you achieve it. We’re no doctors, but we’ve had a lot of fun making ourselves fall asleep by getting ourselves off when we don’t have somebody there to do it with us.

You could use your hand to get yourself off, but you shouldn’t have to settle for that when fifi is so much better. fifi is warm and soft, it’s adjustable, and when you’re finished you don’t have to clean up anything. You just throw out the disposable sleeve. That makes it even easier just to roll over and go to sleep after you’ve gotten off. You can make it warmer with our fifi Hot Pocket and you have a variety of fifi models, from the basic original to the furfi to the black pleather Dominator.

If you’re one of the millions of overworked, exhausted guys out there, you can get your fifi here and try your own sleep study at home. Even if your sleep doesn’t improve, you still have a great time.