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What happens in the brain during an orgasm has been the subject of many scholarly articles and scientific studies. It’s probably not something you think about as a casual masturbator or sex-haver, so it’s a good thing the scientists are looking out for us. At fifi, we like to read what the neurologists have to say about how sex affects the brain, and what happens in the brain during the whole process, from arousal to orgasm. Mostly we’re interested in it because we’re horny and thinking about orgasms makes us want to have more of them. When you work around male sex toys all day, it can turn you into an even bigger chronic masturbator.

The pleasure center in the brain handles our reaction to all kinds of feel-good things, including sex, recreational substances, laughter, and more. It includes parts of the brain such as the amygdala (regulates emotions), pituitary gland (releases lots of feel-good chemicals), and cerebellum (controls your muscle function). Men and women don’t react exactly the same way to sex, as you probably didn’t need science to tell you, but in a lot of ways, the brain’s response to sex is the same no matter what. There’s a part of the brain called the lateral orbitofrontal cortex that shuts down during orgasm in everyone, regardless of gender. This is the part of the brain that regulates reason and behavioral control, so if you’ve always believed that your brain turns off when you get off, you’re really not wrong. And just think, there were men and women who got hooked up to machines that scanned their brains while they were sexually stimulated until they came. We’d like to sign up for a study like that, even if they don’t pay us.

If you want to light up your own pleasure center, get a fifi male masturbator and you can shut your own lateral orbitofrontal cortex off any time you feel like it. Or to put it another way, your fifi sex toy for men gives you the perfect hole to screw so you feel that natural high from sex. This is your brain on fifi. Any questions?