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Things people do after sex

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Common but questionable things people do after sex

Everybody has probably heard about the guys (and some women) who doze off after they cum, but not everyone does. What are some of the other things people do after sex?

Going to the bathroom

This one’s not that strange. It’s just good hygiene. Peeing and washing up after the deed is how a woman prevents all sorts of unpleasantness down there that guys don’t want to think about.

Crying or laughing

Having an orgasm can unleash all sorts of emotions that might be expressed in unexpected ways, like crying or laughing. If your girlfriend is a post-sex cryer that doesn’t mean she’s actually upset and if she laughs it doesn’t mean that your sexual prowess is comical. A lot of dudes dread conversation about emotions, but it can prevent hurt feelings later if you can understand the way she’s feeling after sex.

Needing alone time

You’ve just done one of the most intimate things that people can share. Not all people like to cuddle and bask in the glow together, but there are a lot of reasons that might be so. Some are so introverted that they need to recharge, and others have to recover after making themselves vulnerable. Maybe they don’t want be seen naked after the fact. Sometimes it’s just as simple as the need to go pee and take a shower ASAP. Just like laughing or crying, if you’re in a serious relationship and one of you is upset about the other hopping out of bed straight away, you should probably have a conversation about that.

Raiding the refrigerator

Hey, sex takes energy and the harder you fuck, the more fuel you need to replenish.

The weirdest and perhaps leas complimentary things people do after sex that we’ve heard of include checking Instagram, asking for cab fare, and rating your performance out loud (yikes).