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The Importance of Making Time for Self-Pleasure


You’re a busy man with important things to be getting on with, but that shouldn’t stop you from rubbing one out when the urge strikes. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to go so far as to schedule time to be alone with yourself each day, because the health benefits of masturbation are right up there with exercising and eating kale, and let’s face it: pleasuring yourself is a hell of a lot more fun than doing squats and stuffing your face with rabbit food.

Despite the taboo associated with self-pleasure, experts across the board agree: Cleaning the pipes leads to better physical and sexual health. Here’s how.

It helps prevent prostate cancer.

Men who ejaculate more than five times a week are a third less likely to develop prostate cancer than their blue-balled counterparts. This is because toxins build up inside your urogenital tract and can cause disease. Flushing out these toxins should be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re getting it on with a flesh-and-blood person or with yourself (or with Fifi.)

It makes your erections harder.

With age comes a loss of muscle tone, and weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to erectile dysfunction as well as incontinence. Keeping those muscles strong is a matter of getting it on with yourself on a regular basis.

It makes you last longer in the sack.

Keeping things moving along down there can help you improve your stamina during the real deal, especially if you treat your solo sessions like a training routine. Try stretching the time it takes to ejaculate to build endurance and self-control. If you work really hard at it, you should be able to double your time within a month. Spanking it a couple of hours before a date can also help you hold it together in the sack later on.

It increases your immunity.

When you ejaculate, your body’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol are increased. While this stress hormone can cause health problems if it gets out of control, in small doses, it helps to regulate and maintain your immunity.

It improves your mood.

This one should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Polishing the pickle improves your mood. When you orgasm, your brain releases a deluge of feel-good neurochemicals like oxytocin and dopamine, lifting your spirits and increasing your feelings of general satisfaction.

It improves the quality of your little swimmers.

Sperm that’s been hanging around for a while waiting to be released have a higher risk of DNA damage and motility problems. Out with the old means in with the new, and if you’re trying to conceive or will be in the future, keeping your boys fresh and rarin’ to go can help improve your chances of successful conception and healthy offspring.

It relieves stress.

When you’re buffing your banana, you’re (hopefully) not thinking about little anxieties or the minutia of the day. Rather, you’re rooted in the present moment, sort of like meditating. The physical release of ejaculation relieves tension and lowers your blood pressure, and the brain chemicals involved in orgasm further mitigate stress and anxiety.

It improves self-confidence and self-awareness.

Honking your own horn is an exercise in self-awareness. It’s a healthy and natural way to explore your sexuality, get to know yourself better, and gain a higher level of self-confidence. It can also help you maintain awareness of any changes down south that might be of concern, such as lumps, bumps, tenderness, or other problems.

So don’t be shy about it, and for Pete’s sake, don’t let your masturbatory habits cause you a moment’s worth of guilt or shame! Taking time out of your busy day to have a few special moments with yourself is a great way to improve your health, bolster your sex life, and maintain a healthy libido.