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Steak and BJ Day is here at last

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We love March 14th. For the last couple of years people have been making a big deal about Pi Day, which we like because it gives us an excuse to eat pie for dessert, dietary restrictions be damned. (Or breakfast. It’s good to eat heavier calories earlier in the day, after all.) But more importantly, there’s another holiday on March 14th that we’ve been celebrating for a few years longer. It’s Steak and BJ Day, dudes!

Every March 14th is when men get their own version of Valentine’s Day. It falls a month after Valentine’s Day, so it’s easier to remember. Instead of a nice dinner and roses, or teddy bears and chocolate, or whatever a woman in a relationship wants, the men get what is probably the best present you could give your average stereotypical Dude: a steak and a blowjob.

“If a man makes his woman feel special on Valentine’s Day, then she will make him feel special one month later,” says the original official website of Steak and BJ Day. Some women really hate that there’s a specific day for this, but you could always show them a good time, do everything they want in bed on Valentine’s Day, and encourage them to give you the sequel just a month later. For those men and women who each find Valentine’s Day to be a high-pressure holiday that often ends in disappointment, we think it’s a great idea to start using it along with Steak and BJ Day as two chances to treat each other right.

If you’re a vegetarian, you can still enjoy a veggie burger and a BJ, or maybe just the BJ. Yeah, we’d probably just skip ahead to the blowjob if we were you, because it’s really the central part of this celebration, and somehow a veggie burger just doesn’t seem that decadent. But if that’s your jam, dude, then more power to you.

On this March 14th, enjoy a filet before or after your fellatio!