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Spicing Up Your Sex Life: Toys Aren’t Just Aren’t for Women Anymore

Spicing Up Your Sex Life Sex Toys Aren't Just for Women

When a person says that it’s a man’s world, they certainly couldn’t be talking about sex toys. At least, that is until now. In the past, tons of toys have been created that are designed to heighten female pleasure, yet men have been pretty much left empty handed. Or, at least with one hand empty. Interestingly, phallic toys resembling dildos have been found to date back all the way to the early 10th century, and the Greeks and Romans were known for carving them out of a variety of materials. Yet, it has taken all the way up until now for toys to be designed specifically for men who are ready to take their sex life to a whole new level.

Changing Mindsets

The first serious women’s sex toys came out during the Victorian era when it was commonly believed that orgasms could prevent a variety of feminine maladies such as hysteria. During this time, doctors were tasked with the time-consuming process of giving their female patients pelvic massages. It was one of these doctors who invented the first handheld vibrator that women could take home and use as a “self-treatment.”

Since the original sex toys were designed to treat what people believed was a true medical purpose, it would be decades before toys would be packaged as being designed specifically for pleasure. Now, however, the presence of sex in the media has led to more open-minded discussions about how men pleasure themselves when they are alone and when they are with a partner.

While society has become more open-minded about alternative lifestyles, it is important to note that people have become more conservative about sexual arrangements. Throughout history, men rarely had to worry about using sex toys since they were often encouraged to have multiple wives and people tended to turn a blind eye to mistresses. The emphasis on monogamy today has led more men to explore alternative ways to find pleasure that can actually enhance their current relationships.

The Evolution of Men’s Toys

As mindsets began to change about men’s pleasure, rudimentary toys begin to pop up. Most likely, you are familiar with the traditional blow-up doll, which began as a rubber form that hardly resembled a woman you would actually want to hold. Now, science has completely transformed that concept into realistic robotic females that giggle, wiggle and do many other things that are similar to an actual lover.

For most men, an artificially intelligent lover is still light years away due to the expense. Yet, other types of technology have given way to new and better sex toys for men that can definitely provide sexual release. For example, the development of latex materials has led to products such as the Fifi that allows men to enjoy a discreet toy for self-pleasure that comes with the convenience of simply tossing away the evidence. Silicone has also allowed for sex toys to be designed that conform to a man’s body shape.

Types of Toys for Men

Today, men who are interested in sex toys have the added benefit of going online to explore exactly what is available rather than awkwardly roaming the aisles of a store. This privacy has also contributed to the explosion of products that are available for sexual enhancement. Plugs, prostate stimulators, oral simulators and sleeve toys are just a few of the options that men will find available for their sexual exploration. Blow up dolls may be dwindling in popularity, but men can now enjoy realistic masturbation simulators that provide feelings of pressure and texture that can rival the real thing.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the evolution of sex toys for men is that they are also being introduced into the bedroom by couples who want to take their relationship to another level. For example, women can use sleeve toys to take total control over their male partner’s pleasure and subsequent orgasm. As many couples know, being willing to explore new toys together can shed new insight into the relationship while spicing up a couple’s sex life.

For many years, women have benefited from being able to engage in self-pleasure using a variety of toys that all do amazing things for the mind and body. Now, men can also take advantage of growing technology and acceptance that sometimes, using a hand is just not enough. From portable toys with no-mess fun to toys that couples can bring into the bedroom for extra adult play, men’s toys have finally evolved to the point that everyone can enjoy a happy ending.