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Sofia Hayat goes from sexy model to nun

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Gorgeous model/actress/singer Sofia Hayat is one of the hottest women in the UK. A British national of South Asian descent, she’s done ad campaigns in the UK and India for the last few years. Vogue Italia named her its “Curvy Icon” in July 2012 and FHM put her at #81 on its sexiest women in the world list in September 2013 She’s known for flaunting her incredible good looks as a model, as a social butterfly (dating cricket player Rohit Sharma), and as a contestant on Bigg Boss Season 7 (an Indian reality show also known for casting former porn star Sunny Leone.

Last week, Sofia surprised the world by announcing that she has renounced her former life in order to become a nun going by the name Gaia Mother Sofia. She describes her religion as “humanity,” “neither Hindu nor Catholic. I believe only in love and unity as my religion.”

After escaping a traumatic former relationship, Sofia discovered her new path in life with the help of a healer. It’s been a two-year transformation during which Sofia’s given up makeup and acting. So about that career path… Now that she won’t be modeling or acting, Gaia Mother Sofia is instead going to concentrate instead on social work.

You, like us horn dogs at fifi, may be asking whether this also means that she’s the kind of nun who’s going to be celibate. Unfortunately for all the dudes out there who might be nursing a crush on Sofia Hayat the model/acress, the answer is yes. “I will never have sex, get married nor have children,” Gaia Mother Sofia said. She’ll be too busy looking after the world and helping people to have sex.

Not that we begrudge anyone’s right to their dearly held spiritual beliefs and practices. Far from it—there’s a lot to admire in such strong convictions. It’s just that, well, the world is going to miss the sexy Sofia Hayat. What do you want from a men’s sex toy blog, eh? But we at fifi HQ wish you well, Gaia Mother Sofia.