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Smell good for greater sex appeal

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Smell good, boost your chances of getting laid

If you’re looking to set your fifi male masturbator aside for the weekend and find a date or a fuck, then you shouldn’t neglect the sense of smell. We might put a lot of effort into taking a shower and putting on clothes to be more attractive, but don’t forget that other people like it when we smell good. You could have everything else going for you, but if your scent really turns a woman off, you’re not getting laid.

Do you know if you smell good?

You’ve probably heard about pheromones and sexual attraction. It’s in our nature to be attracted to compatible smells and repelled by incompatible ones. Everyone’s got different scent turn-ons, but first we need to smell good overall. We spend money on artificial fragrances, but they can get in the way of our own natural aroma. We get used to things that we smell all the time. That’s why smokers might not realize that the aroma lingers in clothes and hair, or why some people can’t smell their own cologne unless they use a lot.

How to smell better

Good hygiene is the starting point, and sometimes it’s all you need. You can go a step further with nice-smelling lotions and powders after a shower. If you still want to put on a fragrance, consider essential oils as a subtle way to enhance your natural scent. (Pro tip: don’t put mint oils near your junk or your eyes. Just don’t.)

But if all the showers, teeth brushing, dental floss, mouthwash, and mints aren’t working, then a doctor visit is in order. Sometimes body odor is a warning sign that helps a doctor diagnose a hidden illness.

Even strong emotions like anger or anxiety could produce bad body odors. Whatever you can do to ease your stress levels is not only good for your health, but can also make your social life easier. You can enjoy a better sex life in so many ways.

If you’ve eaten a lot of garlic or aren’t getting enough of a nutrient in your diet, even that can have an effect. You don’t have to stop eating foods you love, but you can eat more zinc (red meat, oysters, nuts, cereals, and more), magnesium (nuts), and chlorophyll (parsley). Herbs such as sage and chamomile can help, too.

Smell good for you, smell good for others

It’s a lot to think about, but it’s worth putting in the effort to smell good for other people’s benefit. Besides, if they like the way you smell, they’ll treat you better and you could get laid a lot more often… because there’s more to sex than masturbation.