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Single on Valentine’s Day weekend and loving it

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We know that those of you who are single are already dreading Valentine’s Day. Either that or you just want to ignore it altogether. We think it’s time to start reclaiming this day that you think is just not for you.

You might think we’re going to tell you to take yourself out to eat at a restaurant and get exactly whatever you want to eat and drink. And, sure, we think you should totally do that. But what about when you get home? Even if you aren’t going home with a hot fuck partner, you can still have an awesome time with your hand, or your favorite sex toy (not that we’re biased, but), and the things that get you off. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day weekend you don’t have to pay attention to anyone’s sexual desires but your own, and sometimes the best feeling in the world is the one you give to yourself. Who knows what feels good for you better than you do?

This is no time to click around on free porn sites, where you don’t know what viruses your computer might catch. Spend actual money on the dirtiest porn that really gets you off, for a change—buy an actual porn DVD because you like the girls on the cover, or buy a dirty magazine for old time’s sake, or go to a pay porn site and buy minutes so you can watch a movie with your favorite porn star. We know you aren’t used to spending actual money for your masturbation fuel, but you’re worth it. We are firm (huh huh huh) believers in the ability of adult industry employees to make a living for what they do, and they’ve given you hours of pleasure. Think of it as your Valentine to them, too.

Next month is Steak and BJ Day, and maybe you’ll have a fuck buddy on that occasion. But every day can be Steak and HJ Day, if you want it to be. While others are compromising on where to eat and what sex acts to perform on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be free to off on your own terms. Enjoy it!

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