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Sex toys in history, from homemade to fifi

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Some of the first porn the world ever knew was the stuff that our cave-dwelling ancient ancestors painted on the walls of their caves. Images of both cavemen and cavewomen masturbating show that we have always been about getting ourselves off. Back then, without the convenience of ready-made sex toys like fifi, it was all about homemade dildos for women, while the men seem to have relied on their hands.

The men of ancient Sumeria believed that masturbation would increase potency. Ancient Egyptians believed that the god they called Atum ejaculated the universe, and therefore masturbation must be sacred and magical. We all know that ancient Greeks loved them some sexy times, but did you know that they were even advanced in their treatment of masturbation as a healthy way to relieve tension? As for the ancient Romans, they played with themselves using their left hands… the way you might do it so it feels like a stranger, am I right?

Men have historically had pretty basic options for sex toys. Ancient Greek men who liked to get freaky would sometimes use stale bread with olive oil lube. There were homemade pocket pussies fashioned out of rolled-up towels and jellies. French sailors in the 1600s sometimes used a homemade sex doll made of cloth, which they called the Dame de Voyage. It was the first female-substitute sex toy in our recorded history, and it was improved upon significantly after the widespread use of rubber brought us blow-up dolls. You could get them made to resemble anyone you liked, if you were willing to pay for it custom-made. But after modern Christian churches began preaching against what they called self-abuse, men who wanted to masturbate (practically all of us) had to use our hands, our poor old towels or socks, or get into some DIY projects.

Thankfully, we live in an age of sexual progress in many ways. You don’t have to settle for your hand, create your own homemade masturbator, or even go to a sex shop to buy a new friend for your penis. If you want a men’s sex toy that is cheap to buy, easy to own, and great to screw, you can get the fifi male masturbator online.

Using the fifi is easy: just roll up the disposable latex sleeve inside the soft outer sleeve, do the deed, and then throw away the latex sleeve afterward. (Pro tip for guys with latex allergies: courtesy of a satisfied customer, we can tell you that nitrile gloves will work for you! Just make sure you get one that fits your dick.) Sex toys have never been easier or cleaner.

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