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Sex positions that women love

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What are her favorite sex positions?

If you’ve never asked a woman how she likes to have sex, then you’re missing out. We asked some women we know about their favorite sex positions (names have been changed to protect the not-innocent). Here are the top 3. Dudes, you will want to read what they have to say—sex is always better when everybody involved gets to enjoy it.

Doggie style & standing variant

Sex-from-behind is the position that the women we asked were most likely to name as their favorite.

“Doggie lets him hit that spot just right, and if I get down on my forearms he can penetrate even deeper,” said Katie. “I also love that he can reach my nipples and my clit.”

“He can grab my shoulders or my waist for leverage, but I also like it when he also pulls my hair just right,” Janine said. “If we’re in standing doggie position, I’ll thrust my ass against him to let him know I still have some control. My husband loves that. Standing doggie style feels the most spontaneous, because you can pull your pants down and go at it. Sometimes I’ll pretend I’m having sex with a stranger out in public, but don’t tell my husband. I wouldn’t ever cheat on him.”


Woman-on-top is the name you’ll recognize if you’re not a porn viewer—which, frankly, we have a hard time believing if you’re reading a blog on a male sex toy website.

“This one is the best because my boyfriend loves to watch my tits bounce and play with them,” Susan said, making us squirm in our seats. “He’s a breast man and I get off on it, too. I also like having control over how hard, fast, and deep he can go.”

“Guys love to watch me ride them, it turns me on to be watched, and we both get off when I swivel my hips and grind on him. What’s not to love?” said Jen.

Missionary & legs-up variant

This is probably how most people have sex for the first time, and it’s a classic because it’s damned good. Change it up by putting the woman’s legs on your shoulders for deeper penetration.

“Missionary sounds boring, but part of that is the prim-sounding name,” Sarah said. “I like how it makes him feel dominant and me submissive, even though we’re equals in everyday life.”

“It sounds like I’m betraying my gender, but I want him to overpower me in bed,” Leanne said, echoing Sarah. “When I put my legs up on his shoulders and we’re looking into each other’s eyes, I have multiple orgasms.”

Just ask her

If you really want to know what sex positions the woman you’re with likes, all you have to do is ask. Even if she’s shy, it’s worth taking the time and making the effort to get her to talk about it. You’ll both have more fun and more orgasms if you know you’re both doing what the other person likes.