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Rented secondhand sex dolls?

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In China, customers using an app called Shared Girlfriend can rent hyper-realistic sex dolls for up to a week at a time, specifying a look from a range of hairstyles, outfits, and accessories such as whips and handcuffs. For those who are looking to sample a variety of dolls, or who can’t afford to buy such an elaborate sex toy, this service must be a big hit!

Shared Girlfriend, a service of the Touch sex toy company, will deliver the doll to the customer’s home and will even “warm it up” first upon request. (We don’t know what that entails.)

After the rental period is up, the doll goes back to the company where she’s cleaned and ready to go out to the next customer. It probably goes without saying that for most of us, the potential problem with this might be hygiene. Not to worry, though—Touch allows the customers to keep those particularly intimate parts of the doll, so they’re not reused. Presumably, all the other parts of the body will also be sterilized. We hope.

Touch, one of the biggest sex toy manufacturers in China, is capitalizing on the massively booming sex toy industry in a country where there are 1.15 men for every woman. Men who have a hard time pairing up with a woman can turn to hyper-realistic sex dolls instead. The service is being test marketed in Beijing for now, but Touch plans to expand throughout China.

The dolls are made in a variety of looks, with outfits like sailors, nurses, and even superheroes. They’re programmed to respond vocally to touch and are made to look and feel realistic.

For those whose needs are more stripped-down, might we suggest the fifi? You’ll never have to worry about where it’s been before you got your hands on it.