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Red carpet fifi fuel: masturbation inspiration

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You might not want to admit that you watch red carpet coverage, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. This could be your best chance to see hot female movie stars in skimpy dresses that defy the network censors. After all, the sexiest stars usually like to show off their bodies, and horn dogs like us will take our masturbation inspiration where we can get it. That’s right, we’ve jerked off to thoughts of our favorite women in revealing dresses at awards shows. And we can’t even tell you how much we’ve appreciated having a fifi men’s sex toy for those unexpected moments when we were flipping channels and got wood at the sight of an ass in a tight dress.

Sometimes we’re in the mood for something more low key than porn. We like to imagine what it’s like at the end of the night when the dress comes off for some lucky person who gets to see that movie star naked. Hey, everybody gets hard for different things, right?

Just think of it: the voodoo magic dresses, holding on for dear life to ample cleavage and clinging for dear life to every curve of their hips and asses. One deep breath could lead to a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet in front of millions of viewers, and just imagining the possibility of that can be even more erotic than actually seeing naked breasts, sometimes. If you’re more into the thin babes with small chests, the good thing is that lots of them wear dresses cut so low you can see underboob. Then there are the women who show off sexy backs in dresses that are cut down to the dip above the ass. We also salute the ladies who decide that lingerie is outerwear.

When a voluptuous movie star slips into a clingy dress that accentuates her cleavage and hips, with messy hair and red lips, it makes her look like she had a quickie in the limousine on the ride over and had just enough time to fix her lipstick before stepping out onto the red carpet.

Next time there’s a red carpet event happening in Hollywood, maybe you should sneak a peek for yourself. Some of those dresses look like a strong breeze would peel the fabric right off. It’s great fuel for your next date with fifi. After you’ve gotten yourself nice and titillated, your fifi male masturbator is there for you. It makes no noise and there’s nothing to clean. The only way to masturbate more secretly is with your hand, and you don’t have to settle.

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