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Real sex in mainstream Hollywood movies

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Not all sex in non-porn movies is simulated. The fifi men’s sex toy crew presents our five favorite instances of real sex in non-porn movies.

In the Realm of the Senses – 1976

Filmed in Japan, this was the first non-pornographic movie to feature an erection and a blowjob. The film was shipped to France for developing to avoid Japanese censorship laws. Many countries banned or censored it for years. It’s based on a true story of a couple in 1930s Japan who mutually explored all the extremes of the sensual world, up to and including death. If you like your sex with heavy doses of drama and metaphor, you won’t find a more intense erotic story on film.

Caligula – 1979

Caligula is based on the sex-crazed (and just generally crazed) real-life Roman emperor of the same name. There’s group sex with real blowjobs, penetration, and ejaculation. Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren, and Peter O’Toole are the headlining stars but all the real sex is performed by Penthouse Pets, which is no surprise because Penthouse magazine produced it.

Romance – 1999

This French film stars Caroline Ducey as a woman who takes a lover because her boyfriend isn’t interested in sex. She loves him, but she has needs, dammit, so she scratches her itches with the likes of Italian porn legend Rocco Siffredi. The sex is real and includes bondage as well as the vanilla stuff.

The Brown Bunny – 2003

Best known for the scene in which Chloë Sevigny’s character goes down on Vincent Gallo’s character, this is perhaps our most obscure choice. Sevigny was already an Oscar-nominated actress, and possibly the only one ever to give a real blowjob in a movie. She’s gone on to bigger and less erotic things, including Big Love and American Horror Story.

Nymphomaniac – 2013

Danish director Lars von Trier is known for realism, which means that he includes natural light sources and, of course, genuine sex acts in his movies. The unusual thing about Nymphomaniac is that, while the real stars of the film were only simulating the sex, von Trier had body doubles film real sex scenes and their body parts were superimposed digitally over the actors’ parts. The cast includes Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, and Willem Dafoe.