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Pro tips for a better J-O session with your fifi

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Get the most pleasure with our fifi pro tips

We love our fifi sex toy for men and we hope you do, too, but we’re always looking for ways to make them even better. The term “hacks” might be too obnoxious for what we’re talking about here. We like to think of them as fifi pro tips.

Use bubble wrap

A creative fifi owner (let’s call him Jack Off) emailed us to tell us about his favorite trick for jazzing up the jerking-off experience. Jack always gets off better with a little novelty. He told us that it’s as if his dick gets a little bored and he has to try new things. Before he owned sex toys, he used to just settle for the old “use the other hand” trick, but since he bought his fifi, one of his favorite things to do involves bubble wrap.

“I had a whole bunch of it lying around because I just bought some things online. It seemed like it would be a waste just to get rid of the bubble wrap without reusing it. I can’t really explain what made me start doing this, but back when I was a teenager I used to entertain myself by figuring out ways that I can fuck any household object. Anyway, I thought it would be good to lay the fifi flat, lay the bubble wrap on top of it, and roll the disposable sleeve up inside that. I used more lube than usual. Now I feel like I have two fifis: the regular one and the textured one that I came up with myself. I have to try the extra-tiny bubbles next. I have a feeling that’s going to feel like an even different experience.”

Warm up your fifi

You know how blissful it feels to slide into bed when the sheets are still warm from the dryer? If you have a clothes dryer, toss in your fifi for a couple of minutes along with some clean, dry towels.

(Make sure you only dry it for a few minutes, and we can’t be responsible for any damage you might do to the fifi by leaving it in too long.)

Change positions

This one is more about technique than anything else. Jack, the bubble wrap genius, also told us that he likes to wedge his fifi between his mattress and box spring. We don’t know what he’s going to do if he ever buys a platform bed and doesn’t need a foundation anymore. Maybe he’ll figure something out with the couch cushions instead.

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