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Portable masturbation gear is no problem with fifi

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Not every environment or moment is suitable for getting it on with yourself. We know it can be a struggle to deal with that raging boner in the boardroom, or when you stiffen suddenly at the supermarket. It’s not like you can exactly hide the bulge in your britches from the world. You might find yourself sprinting to the nearest bathroom stall for a quick self-induced handjob, but public masturbation is a slippery slope, and we’re not just talking about the sticky mess. Women have portable masturbation toys, so why aren’t there any for men?

Well, now there are.

When you own a fifi, you can whip it out as soon as you get to a private place and take care of that problem without messy results. You might think it sounds ridiculous to carry a male masturbator, but think of how easy it will be with such a portable masturbation device. It can lie flat until you want to use it. Thanks to the disposable sleeves, you won’t even have to worry about cleaning it out after you’ve unloaded. You can toss the sleeve, wash your hands, and stuff the fifi back in that man purse you’ve started carrying. If anyone sees your fifi and asks you what it is, you can just tell them it’s an adjustable thermal insulator. You know, a wine cozy. Baffle them with bullshit and they’ll never suspect it’s a men’s sex toy.

Come (no pun intended) to think of it, space to carry your fifi is as good a reason as any to get yourself a man bag. Maybe a backpack is too collegiate, but messenger bags are nice and professional. It’ll give you plenty of room for your fifi, a sleeve, and your lube. We believe in being prepared. You never know when you’ll erect a trouser tent in the middle of the day, and you shouldn’t have to settle for jerking off with your hand if you don’t want to.

Get fifi here. We’ll leave it to you to find the bag to carry your portable masturbation gear. Let’s just say that we have our suspicions about why so many guys have suddenly started to carry a big ol’ murse.