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Penthouse features the fifi sex toy for men

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In the newest issue of Penthouse magazine now on newsstands there’s a feature on men’s sex toys, and fifi Sex Toy for Men is proud to be the first one that they review on their list. Chris Nieratko’s article, “Are You Lonely Tonight?,” gives the fifi a 9 out of 10 rating.

The article features a super hot topless girl holding a Fire Red fifi rolled up and ready to go with a disposable sleeve in the main photo. After an entertaining true-life story about a desperate J.O. session in a jailhouse bathroom using a wet roll of toilet paper as a pocket pussy, the writer of the article describes the fifi as a much fancier version of the DIY prison sex toys from which we took our name—”I imagine that these are the types of Fifis they issue white collar criminals at low security prisons.”

They gave us a high mark for our no-mess cleanup and the way the fifi heats up with use—thanks, Penthouse! We’ve certainly made great use of the visual aids within your pages more times than we can count during our long masturbating careers.

Even if you never set foot anywhere near the Gray Bar Hotel, you can still enjoy the kind of male masturbator that was inspired by those DIY sex toys. It’s much easier to use, it doesn’t require the sacrifice of any towels or socks, and we promise it’ll be a lot more pleasant than the improvised sex toy that the Penthouse writer had to use. Just head over here to get your own fifi male masturbator and some disposable sleeves and lube. You’ll never have to befoul another sock (or roll of toilet paper) again. If you join our Sleeve Club for Men, you never have to run out of disposable sleeves.