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Your Blood Pressure and Sexual Health: What’s the Connection?


Known to many doctors as the silent killers, high blood pressure or hypertension has long been known to cause an array of health problems in both sexes. However, what has been recently discovered is that men’s tendency to be affected by this disorder is nearly twice that of women’s. There are many theories as to why this might be the case including testosterone receptors playing a part, or men’s tendency to prefer meat-heavy meals. Whatever the case may be, high blood pressure can have far reaching consequences on the male body. Read more

8 Masturbation Myths – Busted!


It’s been said that 90 percent of men masturbate, and the other 10 percent are lying. The truth is, around 84 percent of men masturbate at least once a month, and most of them do so several times a week. Read more

Penthouse features the fifi sex toy for men

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In the newest issue of Penthouse magazine now on newsstands there’s a feature on men’s sex toys, and fifi Sex Toy for Men is proud to be the first one that they review on their list. Chris Nieratko’s article, “Are You Lonely Tonight?,” gives the fifi a 9 out of 10 rating. Read more

What is fifi? An introduction for newcomers.

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What is fifi? We’re glad you asked.

We’re always happy to introduce newcomers to the fifi Sex Toy for Men, and thanks to an ever-growing amount of mainstream media attention we thought it was time we posted a little hello to anyone who’s just discovering us.

The fifi, in case you’re just joining us, is a simple masturbator that feels much better than your hand. With a foam outer sleeve and a disposable inner sleeve, it’s one of the most user-friendly sex toys for men that you can buy. Read more

World Photo Day and what it means for every masturbator

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August 19th is World Photo Day, which means that everyone with an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook is using the occasion as an excuse to post even more pictures from their smartphones. Not that we needed any further encouragement to do that, of course! But what is World Photo Day and why should we care? Read more

What’s the Best Way to Increase Sensitivity and Stimulation?

Whats the Best Way to Increase Sensitivity and Stimulation

As most men know, sensitivity levels can make a sexual experience mind blowing or completely unenjoyable. There are many habits and health conditions that affect how sensitive a man is during sex. A lot of men make the mistake of always using a single method that causes a huge reduction in sensitivity over time, and circumcision also greatly affects how sensitive a man is to stimulation. Without enough sensitivity, some men find it difficult or impossible to orgasm, and this can really affect their relationships and self-esteem. Regardless of the problem behind your lack of sensation, these tips can help you to increase sensitivity in all sexual situations. Read more

6 Tactics to Improve Your Stamina–In and Out of the Bedroom

6 Tactics to Improve Stamina Both In and Out of the Bedroom

Fess up: How many articles have you read lately that promised you tips about improving your sex life? Join the crowd. The topic is delicious and you’re all about learning techniques and moves that turn you into a world-class lover (WCL). Okay. So you’re already a WCL. Time to up your game so you move in universe-class circles between the sheets–but none of these titles will matter if you haven’t the stamina to prove your staying power. Choose from any of the six stamina-building suggestions we’ve unearthed for you—-hell, try them all. You’ve got a lot riding on staying the course, not the least of which is making sure your ego is never compromised! Read more

Get Rid of Bad Habits for a Better Sex Life

Get Rid of Bad Habits for a Better Sex Life

Better Habits, Better Sex Life

We’ve all got some bad habits–it’s only human. These habits can impact our lives in different ways. Some of them affect our wallets, some are dangerous to our overall health and longevity, but did you know that many of your bad habits might be negatively affecting your sex life? It’s true–some of these habits relate to food, alcohol, and drug intake while others are related to your relationship with your significant other. Here are 7 bad habits to change if you want to have a better sex life. Read more