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Warm your fifi with a Hot Pocket sleeve

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Every man who owns a fifi sex toy can tell you it’s already great at retaining body heat as you use it, but sometimes a dude wants a warm welcome. You don’t want to come home to a cold house on a winter day, and your dick doesn’t want a chilly reception when you first slide it into your fifi. We know that sometimes fifi benefits from a little warm-up ahead of time. That’s why we’ve come out with the fifi Hot Pocket sleeve, the latest accessory for your favorite male masturbator. Read more

How to Build Quality Erections With the Right Foods


A healthy diet is paramount for good health, and that includes your sexual health. Poor nutrition lowers your immune defenses and can lead to a wide range of diseases and other health problems that can dramatically affect your performance in the sack. A balanced diet in general includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, but there are a few “superfoods” that you can supplement your healthy diet with to specifically target your erections. Read more

How Staying in Shape Improves Your Sex Life


Regular exercise is absolutely essential for good health. The Centers for Disease Control stresses that to prevent a wide range of diseases and conditions, 150 minutes of exercise a week is paramount for preventing a wide range of diseases and conditions. If that’s not enough to get you moving, consider this: Regular exercise also improves your performance in bed and increases your sexual satisfaction, and helps to keep your erections worthy of a gold medal for stiffness and duration. Read more

Can Masturbation Improve Your Sex Life?


There was a time when masturbation was an incredibly taboo subject that could get you banned for life from even the most liberal dinner table. While it’s still not exactly dinner table conversation–unless you’re on a smokin’ hot date and the ambiance is right–it’s far less sensitive a subject than it used to be. Read more

4 Ways to Experience Sexual Pleasure in Exciting New Places


A major benefit of masturbation is having the opportunity to explore your own body for ways to enhance your own–and your partner’s–pleasure during sex. You can learn a lot from trying new things on yourself, and knowing the location of your erogenous zones gives you a road map for doing just that. Read more

Dominator makes you the master of your domain

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We’ve heard from many customers who wanted a fetish/BDSM-oriented fifi: something that would fit in with their lifestyles and look good alongside all their other toys. After the success of our Furfi, we knew it was time to add to our growing lineup. That’s where the Dominator comes in. Read more

Performance Lacking? Try These 9 Surefire Tips


We all go through slumps where we feel our performance in the sack leaves a bit to be desired. Lackluster performance can have physical, emotional, or psychological roots, but rest assured there are a number of ways to enhance your activities in the bedroom to make sex better for both you and your partner. Read more

The Importance of Making Time for Self-Pleasure


You’re a busy man with important things to be getting on with, but that shouldn’t stop you from rubbing one out when the urge strikes. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to go so far as to schedule time to be alone with yourself each day, because the health benefits of masturbation are right up there with exercising and eating kale, and let’s face it: pleasuring yourself is a hell of a lot more fun than doing squats and stuffing your face with rabbit food. Read more

Your Blood Pressure and Sexual Health: What’s the Connection?


Known to many doctors as the silent killers, high blood pressure or hypertension has long been known to cause an array of health problems in both sexes. However, what has been recently discovered is that men’s tendency to be affected by this disorder is nearly twice that of women’s. There are many theories as to why this might be the case including testosterone receptors playing a part, or men’s tendency to prefer meat-heavy meals. Whatever the case may be, high blood pressure can have far reaching consequences on the male body. Read more

8 Masturbation Myths – Busted!


It’s been said that 90 percent of men masturbate, and the other 10 percent are lying. The truth is, around 84 percent of men masturbate at least once a month, and most of them do so several times a week. Read more