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Change is inevitable, even in your sex life

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We’ve all learned as we’ve grown up that change is inevitable. Whether it’s moving away from your best friend when you were a kid, losing someone close to you, breaking up with your first girlfriend or boyfriend, discovering you have a new allergy, going away to college, or even just outgrowing a hobby you used to spend all of your time on, we all experience change. It gives you a new perspective on life. Read more

Blood pressure and sexual health

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You probably don’t need a doctor or a sex expert (or a sex blogger) to tell you that physical health is important for sexual performance. We’ve known for a long time that high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, causes health problems for men and women alike. What you may not know is that men are more than twice as likely to have high blood pressure than women. It could be due to testosterone receptors or simply lifestyle, e.g. men’s tendency to prefer meat-heavy meals. Whatever the cause, high blood pressure can have far reaching consequences on the male body. Read more

Masturbate to build your staying power in bed

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Did you know that the more frequently you have an orgasm, the longer you can last with a sexual partner? Masturbation is one of the most well-proven ways to build up your staying power in bed. Just like it is with nearly anything else in life, practice will improve your skills. It’s the same principle as exercising to tone your body, but it’s a lot more fun for most of us.

Masturbation can relieve your psychological and physical stress, help you get better sleep, and even help you ward off sickness with a boosted immune system. It’s just science. Doctors and researchers have known these things to be true for years. Read more

The new xHamster fifi is ready to order today

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We’ve teamed up with xHamster for our new, first ever branded fifi, which you can buy today. The xHamster fifi displays the popular adult entertainment site’s famous cartoon hamster mascot logo all over the black fabric sleeve. Inside, the xHamster fifi has a special texture—something that fifi customers have been requesting—and it uses the same great disposable sleeves that all of our other models use, five of which you’ll get for free with your purchase.

Each xHamster fifi comes in a collector’s box with gold foil accents. The product will be sold exclusively at for just $29.95. Read more

Steak and BJ Day is here at last

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We love March 14th. For the last couple of years people have been making a big deal about Pi Day, which we like because it gives us an excuse to eat pie for dessert, dietary restrictions be damned. (Or breakfast. It’s good to eat heavier calories earlier in the day, after all.) But more importantly, there’s another holiday on March 14th that we’ve been celebrating for a few years longer. It’s Steak and BJ Day, dudes! Read more

How do women watch porn compared to men?

How do women watch porn

Not only do women watch porn, but they also like to be more mobile than men while they do it.

The site that would possibly be best qualified to know the population’s general porn preferences, Pornhub has just released a report on female porn viewing habits for International Women’s Day. Read more

Smart condoms—a FitBit for your penis?

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Technology always manages to make sex better. There will always be scientists out there trying to improve upon what was already the world’s favorite pastime, and now there’s a company that has produced smart condoms.

The I.Con from British Condoms is “the world’s first smart condom” and it tracks your sexual performance. A wearable condom ring, it can last for six to eight hours of use before you recharge it with a micro-USB. You can now preorder this smart condom for $74 from the British Condoms website, but there’s no word yet on the shipping date. Read more

Penthouse invites Oscar-snubbed mainstream female directors to make XXX movies

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Penthouse Global Media appreciates mainstream female directors in a way that even the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences apparently doesn’t.

The Oscars often snub filmmakers who are women, no matter how well their films do with critics or at the box office. But those women behind the lens of Hollywood movies could finally get equal pay for their work in Penthouse productions, as the company has offered those who didn’t get Oscar nominations the chance to direct major adult releases. Read more

Single on Valentine’s Day weekend and loving it

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We know that those of you who are single are already dreading Valentine’s Day. Either that or you just want to ignore it altogether. We think it’s time to start reclaiming this day that you think is just not for you.

You might think we’re going to tell you to take yourself out to eat at a restaurant and get exactly whatever you want to eat and drink. And, sure, we think you should totally do that. But what about when you get home? Even if you aren’t going home with a hot fuck partner, you can still have an awesome time with your hand, or your favorite sex toy (not that we’re biased, but), and the things that get you off. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day weekend you don’t have to pay attention to anyone’s sexual desires but your own, and sometimes the best feeling in the world is the one you give to yourself. Who knows what feels good for you better than you do? Read more

Fifi makes a big debut at the AVN Novelty Expo

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Fifi just made our big debut at the AVN Novelty Expo, AVN’s big pleasure product-focused trade show that’s held every year at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Organizers say it was one of the best shows they’ve ever had and we’re proud we got to be a part of it.

We launched our no-mess sex toy for men online and we’ve since begun distributing in retail stores, but this was first big trade show and we were stoked to be there. The AVN Novelty Expo was a chance to showcase fifi and network with a variety of retailers, manufacturers, media, distributors, and others. We all had a great time. Read more