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Master baking with the fifi male masturbator

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Did you know that the fifi male sex toy can help you with your holiday baking? Or, more specifically, all the holiday baking that your lady friend is probably doing… not you, because you’re far too manly for that. (Don’t worry, we don’t judge you if you love to make casseroles or apple pies. Tasty food is tasty no matter who makes it.) You’d be surprised how useful this male sex toy can be for master bakers. Read more

This is your brain on fifi

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What happens in the brain during an orgasm has been the subject of many scholarly articles and scientific studies. It’s probably not something you think about as a casual masturbator or sex-haver, so it’s a good thing the scientists are looking out for us. At fifi, we like to read what the neurologists have to say about how sex affects the brain, and what happens in the brain during the whole process, from arousal to orgasm. Mostly we’re interested in it because we’re horny and thinking about orgasms makes us want to have more of them. When you work around male sex toys all day, it can turn you into an even bigger chronic masturbator. Read more

Greater sexual stamina through masturbation

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Did you know that the more you get yourself off, the longer you can last with a sexual partner? Masturbation is one of the time-tested ways to build up greater sexual stamina. It’s like working out, but a lot more pleasurable.

We think you probably know by now that masturbation can help you relieve stress, make you sleep more soundly, and even help you ward off sickness with a boosted immune system. We aren’t just making all that up; science is on our side.

But one of the greatest reasons to enjoy getting yourself off, even when you have a willing sex partner who’s also a great big ol’ horn dog, is the simple fact that more orgasms help you last longer the more you do it. Your fifi male masturbator can really help you with that. Read more

Holiday stress: masturbate it away with fifi

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Happy December, masturbators! We’re in the time of year when people eat a lot more than usual, maybe drink a lot more than usual, and of course, spend a lot more money than usual. Masturbation might take a back seat amid all the festivities, but we know there are a lot of you out there who are as dedicated to dancing with the one-eyed sailor as we are. We might be chronic self-abusers, but we’re dealing with holiday stress a lot better than we would if we deprived ourselves. The less we masturbate during the rush of gift buying, planning, and family visits, the higher our stress levels climb, so our fifi male masturbators are getting even more of a workout than usual these days. Having an orgasm is the cheapest and most enjoyable form of therapy we know. Read more

Alternate positions for your fifi

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How do you like to use your fifi male masturbator? Are you an underhand or overhand kind of guy? Chances are you’ve got a preference when it comes to masturbating with your sex toys and maybe you’re looking for a new way to do it.

Some fifi fans have told us they like to do the old “wedge it in between the mattress and box spring” routine with their male masturbators so they can hump away like they’re fucking a person. This is a good way to give your wrists a break, and you can make it as comfortable as you like with strategic placement of pillows. Read more

Bubble wrap: an awesome fifi hack

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Men’s sex toys can be the next best thing to sex itself, but you can always make them better.

One day, there was a creative and resourceful chap with some bubble wrap lying around, just taking up space in his apartment. Most guys would get rid of that stuff, but not the hero of this little anecdote. (We’ll call him Jack, last name Off.) Jack had just bought a fifi male masturbator, and as much as he liked it, he was the kind of guy who was always thinking of ways to improve upon a good thing. Right away he grabbed the bubble wrap, his fifi, a disposable sleeve, and some lube. Read more

Movember and how masturbation is good for you

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Prostate awareness month happens every year in September, but recognition of prostate cancer also happens in Movember, a.k.a. No-Shave November. You’ve probably seen more guys than usual growing their facial hair recently, and maybe you’re doing it too. But you might not know the origins of this annual November tradition, or what connection it could possibly have with masturbation and men’s sex toys. Read more

Famous movie masturbation scenes

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We see fewer masturbation scenes in movies than outright fucking, probably for the same puritanical reasons that we’re always told that masturbation will make us go blind. Somehow, society got the idea that pleasuring yourself is “dirtier” than getting it on with another person. (Sex with multiple other people is even “worse” on the scale o’ sin, but we’re getting off topic.) We at fifi Sex Toy for Men love to see self-loving getting the attention it deserves in mainstream Hollywood movies.

So here are some of the most famous movie masturbation scenes, in chronological order. We’ve left out the disturbing ones, like The Exorcist and Midnight Express, because we’re all about the fun ones. Read more

Sexy Halloween costumes: fifi can help with your urges

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Halloween is a fun holiday for a lot of reasons, as you probably could tell by our list of fifi costumes. One of the biggest reasons we love this holiday the most is that we enjoy it when hot people show off their drool-worthy bodies. Duh, right? Well, the only problem with that is that you get pretty stimulated when some woman you’ve been panting after for months decides to tart herself up as a schoolgirl in a plaid skirt that looks more like a belt, or if that hot dude at the bar is dressed like one of the Spartans from 300 and you have a fetish for the capes and helmets. Read more