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fifi’s got something up its sleeve

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The single feature that stands out the most about fifi male masturbators would have to be the disposable sleeve. It’s what makes this the best male masturbator for those of us who don’t want a mess to clean up after we’ve had our fun.

fifi is designed to use disposable sleeves because they’re sanitary and incredibly easy to use without affecting the way it feels. Designed for use with your favorite water-based lube, these sleeves feel great and all you have to do to “clean up” afterward is the same thing you would do with any condom: toss it in the trash. Read more

fifi and the history of male masturbation

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Sex toys for men of the past were obviously not like the kind we have now, our fifi male masturbators and whatnot, but they liked getting themselves off back in the day as much as we do now. We can tell because ancient cave paintings all over the world portrayed images of both female and male masturbation. Read more

Keep your wrists healthy with fifi male masturbators

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If we’re going to keep it real, for male masturbation aficionados, every day should be World Wrist Health Day. We’ve never actually seen this day mentioned on a calendar, but maybe the calendar makers just aren’t paying enough attention. You can bet that male masturbation toys like fifi would be one of the top remedies that doctors could prescribe to relieve stress on wrists and hands during a “session.” What, you don’t have a doctor that likes to promote sex toys for men? Well, maybe we’re crossing some kind of line in saying so, but we think doctors should have our wrist health in mind. They could start by prescribing fifi to all their male patients who like to masturbate. Read more

Commando Camouflage fifi male sex toy for the troops

fifi, commando camouflage, male sex toy, male masturbator, sex toy for men, men's sex toysMen who are in the military need love too, especially when they’re stationed far away from their sex partners. That’s why fifi is making male masturbators to go along with their camo fatigues. You could say it’s our own special way of supporting the troops. Nobody deserves to feel good more than those guys out there serving our country. Read more

Flashback Friday, fifi edition

fifi, no-mess sex toy, sex toys for men, male masturbators, homemade sex toy, male masturbation toys, best male masturbator, male masturbation, homemade sex toysRemember when you made your first homemade sex toy? Did you call it your fifi? Maybe your homemade vagina or pocket pussy? You probably used a rubber glove or a condom rolled up in a towel, right? Some of you might even have called it your jailhouse girlfriend.

Well, whatever you called that first homemade sex toy, now you call it your fifi and you don’t have to make it yourself. Read more

Meet fifi, the no-mess male sex toy

What do you do when you want to relieve your sexual tension, but you don’t want to settle for your hand and you don’t want to clean up a masturbator? You use a fifi, one of the most awesomely low-tech sex toys for men. More importantly, it feels great.

You know how some guys improvise their own male masturbators out of towels and rubbers? Guys behind bars and other resourceful dudes have been making homemade sex toys for years. fifi’s like that, but better because you don’t have to go through the steps to make it. Read more