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If you get to work from home, it can be hard to resist just slacking off (read: jacking off) all day, but we don’t recommend getting carried away with this freedom. After all, you do have to pay bills, keep a roof over your head, and feed yourself. Money for sex toys and lube is good, too. It might sound crazy for a sex toy maker to tell you not to masturbate too much, but fifi cares. We want you to jerk off responsibly when you’re working from home. When you’re off the clock, however… we think you should wank to your heart’s content with the best male masturbator around! Read more

Have fun with fifi dick pics

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Everyone’s heard of dick pics, of course. Maybe you’ve sent a few of them, too. If your results have been less than exciting, maybe you just need to dress up your dong a little for the photo shoot. Give the recipient of your snapshot something for size comparison or a little more personality. Have you considered doing some self-portraits with your favorite sex toy for men? We can’t promise that your dick pic recipients will be any more likely to jump your bones, but they won’t forget you. At least you’ll have more fun taking the pictures if you have a fifi. Read more

Last longer in bed with a fifi male masturbator

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You exercise to build muscle, get healthier, and look better, so why wouldn’t you want to enjoy yourself with some sexual stamina-building workouts, too? We have found through extensive research (for purely scientific purposes, ha ha) that we can last longer in bed if we have more orgasms. Every guy with a working knowledge of his sex parts has probably figured that one out by the time his balls have dropped. And if you’re having sex, then you want it to last, right? Maybe you’re getting in your exercises with a sexual partner, but if you need some rehearsal before you decide to get it on with somebody else, we think you’ll enjoy getting sexually fit with a fifi male masturbator. Read more

fifi yiff toy wins the internet

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Do you get… special feelings about plush toys? We’re not here to judge—whatever grills your cheese, we always say, as long as no one gets hurt. The fifi crew thinks that kink is a good thing. Just this week it came to our attention that some intrepid, creative, horny souls out there have discovered some special potential in the fifi sex toy for men that even we never could have imagined. Let’s call it the fifi yiff toy.

Taking the “toy” part of “sex toy” to a whole new level, plushophiles (aka plushies) really love their stuffed toys. They’re into plush in ways that a lot of people aren’t. Read more

fifi poetry for Valentine’s Day weekend

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True romantics, you have a Valentine this year even if you think you don’t. Your fifi male masturbator will always happily be your Valentine. We think it’s high time we paid this humble male sex toy the attention it deserves with some poetry, so if you’d like to set the mood, get yourself a cup of fancy coffee and put on those tortoiseshell reading glasses that make you look smart.

First, how about the kind of verse we used to scrawl with crayons on construction paper hearts back in our school days:

Roses are red
Jizz is really sticky
Put your penis in a fifi
So you don’t feel icky

Read more

Giving up masturbation for Lent? Not fifi!

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We hear there’s this thing some people do called giving up masturbation for Lent. It’s something we can’t even wrap our sex-obsessed heads around. We at fifi headquarters hope we never have to give up jerking off for any reason, whether it’s because of beliefs or physical circumstances or anything else.

Those of you men out there who are not giving up masturbation for Lent, we’re talking to you for now. Have you tried the fifi sex toy for men yet? It’s a low-cost, easy-to-use male masturbator that uses disposable inner sleeves made of latex. You lay the inner sleeve across the fifi when it’s flat, and then you roll it up nice and snug if you want a tight hole, or looser if you prefer. Go to town on your new favorite custom-fit male sex toy. After you use the fifi, all you do is throw away the disposable sleeve and put away the fifi until the next time you want to masturbate. There’s nothing to clean. Even if you forget to store your fifi and leave it sitting out in plain sight, the design is discreet enough that it doesn’t scream “sex toy.” The fifi can pass for a bottle cozy. Read more

Mainstream movies with real sex in them

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Sometimes non-porn movies have sex scenes that are a little more real than others. The fifi men’s sex toy crew has hand-picked five of the most notorious instances of real sex in non-porn movies.

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song – 1971

This film, released just months before Shaft, is widely considered the first blaxploitation movie. It was 1972’s top-grossing independent film. In the movie’s many sex scenes, director/star Melvin Van Peebles really gave it to the ladies. After contracting gonorrhea from one of the actresses, he applied for (and received) worker’s compensation, and used the money to buy more film. We applaud his dedication. Read more

Red carpet fifi fuel: masturbation inspiration

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You might not want to admit that you watch red carpet coverage, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. This could be your best chance to see hot female movie stars in skimpy dresses that defy the network censors. After all, the sexiest stars usually like to show off their bodies, and horn dogs like us will take our masturbation inspiration where we can get it. That’s right, we’ve jerked off to thoughts of our favorite women in revealing dresses at awards shows. And we can’t even tell you how much we’ve appreciated having a fifi men’s sex toy for those unexpected moments when we were flipping channels and got wood at the sight of an ass in a tight dress.

Sometimes we’re in the mood for something more low key than porn. We like to imagine what it’s like at the end of the night when the dress comes off for some lucky person who gets to see that movie star naked. Hey, everybody gets hard for different things, right? Read more

Sex toys in history, from homemade to fifi

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Some of the first porn the world ever knew was the stuff that our cave-dwelling ancient ancestors painted on the walls of their caves. Images of both cavemen and cavewomen masturbating show that we have always been about getting ourselves off. Back then, without the convenience of ready-made sex toys like fifi, it was all about homemade dildos for women, while the men seem to have relied on their hands.

The men of ancient Sumeria believed that masturbation would increase potency. Ancient Egyptians believed that the god they called Atum ejaculated the universe, and therefore masturbation must be sacred and magical. We all know that ancient Greeks loved them some sexy times, but did you know that they were even advanced in their treatment of masturbation as a healthy way to relieve tension? As for the ancient Romans, they played with themselves using their left hands… the way you might do it so it feels like a stranger, am I right? Read more

Portable masturbation gear is no problem with fifi

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Not every environment or moment is suitable for getting it on with yourself. We know it can be a struggle to deal with that raging boner in the boardroom, or when you stiffen suddenly at the supermarket. It’s not like you can exactly hide the bulge in your britches from the world. You might find yourself sprinting to the nearest bathroom stall for a quick self-induced handjob, but public masturbation is a slippery slope, and we’re not just talking about the sticky mess. Women have portable masturbation toys, so why aren’t there any for men?

Well, now there are. Read more