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Dating profile photos that work

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If you’re using a dating profile app, you’ve noticed that people swipe first and ask questions later. What people notice first online is your photo. Think of it as your hook, just like the chorus of that song everyone loves. As shallow as it may be, no one is going to notice how much you love Thai food, or whether you’re a cat person or dog person, if your picture turns them off.

Your profile photo doesn’t have to be a professional shot, or taken by another person. Everyone who’s ever taken a selfie knows the painstaking process of finding the perfect angle that doesn’t make you look like you have a big nose or a double chin. It just needs to be an accurate representation of the way you really look, so that no one will think you’re catfishing them when you meet for your first date. Read more

Happy New Year, fifi lovers!

happy new year

Happy New Year to all of our fifi fans! The fifi Sex Toy for Men turned two years old in 2017.

We’ve got more fun stuff in store for you in 2018, but first we want to help you ease the tension of those sexy New Year’s Eve parties, where there are bound to be a lot of tempting individuals in sexy outfits. Rather than starting off 2018 with the walk of shame, you can get yourself prepared and avoid going home with just anyone who will join you for the after party at home. Read more

fifi is your stocking stuffer

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We all know holidays can stress you out. Maybe you’re panic-buying a gas station bottle of wine at the last minute because it slipped your mind that you were supposed to bring something to a Dirty Santa party. You put off buying presents and you have to run out to the store after work on the week before Christmas. Then you getdragged to the mall on December 26th when things go on clearance. And if we all hate Christmas music so much then why have we been hearing it in every store for a month already? What you need is a good stocking stuffer. Read more

Healthy diet and better sex


A healthy diet can lead to better sex, as doctors have been telling us for years. Poor nutrition lowers your immune defenses and can lead to a wide range of health problems that can dramatically affect your performance in the sack. A balanced diet in general includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, but certain “superfoods” can supplement your healthy diet with to specifically target your erections. Read more

Six sex rules for better sex lives

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Sometimes, sex can’t be the anarchic good time that we would all like it to be. There are times when sex rules are necessary. Like, say, when you’re part of a couple and you want to remain that way. You know that you have to make each other happy. Rules don’t have to make sex less fun.

Not that we’re saying couples need to write their sex rules down in a book. Sometimes you don’t even speak them out loud, but you both know what to do and what not to do. Read more

No-shave November and men’s health

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Prostate awareness month happens every year in November, which is better known as No-Shave November or Movember. You probably start to see more guys than usual growing their facial hair the day after Halloween, and maybe you’re doing it too. But you might not know the origins of this annual November tradition, or what connection it could possibly have with masturbation and men’s sex toys.

No-Shave November is about a lot more than just forgetting you own a razor for a month so you can post increasingly fuzzy-faced selfies to Instagram and Facebook. Its actual purpose is to raise awareness of prostate cancer and donate money toward cancer prevention research. Read more

How to increase sensitivity and stimulation

How to Increase Sensitivity and Stimulation

As most men know, sensitivity levels can make a sexual experience mind blowing or completely unenjoyable. There are many habits and health conditions that affect how sensitive a man is during sex. A lot of men make the mistake of always using a single method that causes a huge reduction in sensitivity over time, and circumcision also greatly affects how sensitive a man is to stimulation. Without enough sensitivity, some men find it difficult or impossible to orgasm, and this can really affect their relationships and self-esteem. Regardless of the problem behind your lack of sensation, these tips can help you to increase sensitivity in all sexual situations. Read more

Porn viewing habits of women

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Pornhub, one of the most popular online destinations for erotic viewing material, keeps track of the population’s general porn viewing habits. They helpfully release their data on a regular basis, and they’ve found that not only do plenty of women watch porn on the internet, but they’re also more likely to be doing it on mobile devices than men. Read more

When sexy Halloween costumes are too hot

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One of the things we love the most about this time of year is the sexy Halloween costumes. Who doesn’t enjoy it when that friend you want to bang shows off their perfect body? Well, the only problem with that is that you get pretty stimulated when the girl you made friends with in college decides to be Sexy Sriracha and you’ve got a thing for spicy food, or the hot dude from the gym is dressed like a Sexy Thor and you’d like to see if that’s Mjolnir in his pants or he’s just happy to see you. Whatever turns you on, there’s bound to be someone hot and seductively dressed at any Halloween party. Read more

Masturbation myths debunked


We heard a joke once that 90 percent of men masturbate and the other 10 percent are liars. If statistics are true then around 84 percent of men masturbate at least once a month and most of them do it several times a week. You have to wonder why there are so many masturbation myths, if it’s something that almost everyone does. Read more