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Owning a fifi Men’s Masturbator

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Owning a fifi men’s masturbator

If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know the fifi male masturbator is awesome. You know that you don’t have to clean it, because it’s as simple as throwing away the disposable sleeve like a condom when you’re finished. We’ve told you how easy it is to adjust the fifi so it’s as tight or loose as you like it, and that it even molds itself to your body the more often you use it. What you probably want to know now is what it’s like to own a fifi.

How it feels to use a fifi

Even if you’re familiar with fleshlike male masturbators, you haven’t felt anything like the fifi men’s sex toy. It’s warm and pliable, squeezable, unlike a hard plastic tube… but it’s so much better than your hand. When you want to slide into something warm but you’re all alone, you can get close to that sensation because fifi’s heat-retaining capabilities and your favorite lubricant combine to make it feel like a warm, wet hole that feels like it was custom made for your D. It’s simple: fifi’s a tight hole that’s available on demand and mess-free.

No-mess cleanup, no emotional mess either

Speaking of no mess, imagine you’re on the road a lot, and you’re sexually frustrated late one night in your hotel. Bring your fifi, sleeves, and lube with you. It feels so much better than your hand, but without any mess… the literal kind or the emotional kind. You won’t risk feeling guilty for having a one-night-stand on the road, you won’t run the risk of hooking up with the wrong person, and you won’t have to kick somebody out of your hotel room so you can sleep. You won’t have to worry about weaseling your way out of giving your number. You won’t have to download Tinder or scope out any sketchy message boards.

A sex toy that doesn’t look like one

While you’re not using your fifi male masturbator, you could leave it sitting out on your coffee table and people might never notice it’s there. The fifi blends with its surroundings. Some people have flown cross-country with theirs and the security at the airport didn’t even blink. A friend of ours used it as a neck pillow. Yours truly has convinced his girlfriend that it’s a bottle cozy.

Get your own fifi male sex toy

Get fifi and you’ll be a proud owner of the best male masturbator for lazy guys who don’t like to clean or put their toys away. Owning a fifi couldn’t be any easier or feel any better.