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Owning a fifi male sex toy

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What’s it like to own a fifi male sex toy?

We’ve written a lot about how awesome the fifi male masturbator is. You’ve heard that you don’t have to clean it, because you just toss those disposable sleeves like a condom when you’re done. We’ve told you how easy it is to adjust fifi so it feels as snug as you want, and that it molds itself to your shape the more you use it. What you probably want to know now is what it’s like to own a fifi.

How does it feel to use a fifi?

First of all, using fifi feels so much better than your hand. Even if you’ve used fleshlike male masturbators, you haven’t felt anything like the fifi male sex toy. When you want to slide into something warm but you don’t have a sex partner available, you can get close to that sensation because fifi’s heat-retaining capabilities and your favorite lubricant combine to make it feel like a warm, wet hole that fits perfectly. And if you squeeze it, you can feel a grip that you won’t get from a sex toy inside a hard plastic shell. fifi’s simply a tight hole that’s available anytime you want it, with no mess to clean after the deed.

No-mess cleanup, discreet

Speaking of no mess, imagine you’re on the road a lot, and you’re married and you want to stay that way. Bring your fifi with you (don’t forget the sleeves) and it feels so much closer to the real thing than your hand, but without any mess… literal or emotional. You won’t risk feeling guilty or getting caught.

While you’re not using your fifi male sex toy, it’s inconspicuous. You can set it out in plain sight and people might never notice it’s there. The fifi blends with its surroundings. One person did ask yours truly where they could buy the wine bottle cozy, but they never suspected a thing. Some people have flown cross-country with theirs and the security at the airport didn’t even blink… on the plane, using it as a lumbar pillow draws no attention at all.

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