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Take an O-face selfie with the fifi selfi edition!

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Due to the overwhelming success of the fifi sex toy for men, we’ve decided to introduce a new premium line of our mess-free male masturbator. This special, limited edition fifi will let you take a selfie while you jack off! Get ready to make your masturbation experience more exhibitionistic.

We’re calling it fifi selfi. This little device makes it easy to take a reverse dick pic, of sorts. When you want to impress your would-be fuck buddies, don’t you think they’d like to see your O-face? All this time you’ve been sending them pictures of your hard-on when maybe what they really wanted was to see what you’ll look like while they’re sucking it.

Future readers of this blog won’t know what day we’ve posted it because we don’t have a time stamp, so we might as well ‘fess up now that you’ve clicked through. Sadly, fifi selfi is only an April Fool’s Day joke, but honestly, a nice feature of fifi that often goes under the radar is how easy it is to customize it. We’ve heard of fifi hacks from several of our most creative happy customers. Some of you have been using bubble wrap for texture between the fifi and the disposable sleeve. One customer with a latex allergy told us that he uses a nitrile glove as an allergy-friendly alternative to the disposable sleeve, because there was no way he wanted to miss out on fifi. Who knows? Maybe the next level truly is adding your own camera to it so that you can take a masturbation selfie. Whatever you’re doing with your fifi is all up to you and your perverted imagination!

fifi might not be high-tech, but this simple sex toy for men feels great and it’s easy to own. There’s no mess to clean, thanks to the disposable latex sleeves. You just roll it up with the disposable sleeve inside, making it as tight or loose as you like. When you’re finished, you throw out the sleeve and set the fifi aside till the next time, safe in the knowledge that it doesn’t even look like a sex toy.

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