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This Mother’s Day, we’d like to pay tribute to a few of our favorite famous moms. It might be crass to think of them as MILFs, but we are a sex toy company, after all. To all of you mothers out there, we want you to know that we think you’re hot and the world should appreciate you more. Here are five of our favorite famous moms.


Possibly the world’s most famous pop star of the moment, Beyoncé is growing into a full-fledged Artist with a capital A. Although we do admire her accomplishments, we’re also more than ready for this jelly. Her body is never too bootylicious for us. We wouldn’t have even known the word “bootylicious” without Destiny’s Child, the all-girl group that she led in the 1990s. Queen Bey has one daughter with rapper Jay Z, and she just dropped an album, LEMONADE, that suggests he cheated on her. Who in the world would need to look for anyone on the side if they were coming home to a woman like Beyoncé?

Padma Lakshmi

Born in India, gorgeous Padma Lakshmi has deep, dark eyes you could fall into and graceful legs that go on into next week. If you love tall, dark, and gorgeous ladies then she’s a perfect example. Padma was at university in Madrid when a fashion modeling agent discovered her at a café. She was the first Indian model to have a career in Paris, New York, and Milan. A role in an Italian film led to parts in Hollywood movies. You might know her best as the host of Top Chef in the USA, which she’s been doing for ten years. In addition to that high-profile gig, she’s also an author of two cookbooks and a memoir. She has one daughter.

Miranda Kerr

This Victoria’s Secret model won a teen magazine modeling search in her native Australia, did lots of work for Australian surf brands, and later moved to New York. She has done more fashion modeling work than we can even name here, but most of our readership will know her best as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She’s also been in the limited edition, sexy, high-gloss Pirelli Calendar more than once. Miranda has one son.

Scarlett Johansson

Whether she’s playing Marvel superspy Black Widow, generating controversy as the star of the live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell (originally a Japanese animated character), or recording music, Scarlett is always otherworldly-beautiful. She’s only 5’3″ but her curves are perfectly proportioned. We love her heart-shaped face, sultry blue eyes, pouty lips, and that voice that suggests she just got out of bed after a wild night. Scarlett is a throwback to the bombshells of classic Hollywood. She has one daughter.

Sofia Vergara

Do we even need to explain why? Okay, if the incredible hourglass curves, sexy Colombian accent, luxuriously long hair, and smoldering sensuality aren’t your thing, then we can’t help you. Sofia had a successful career in Latin America before her breakout success in the USA as Gloria on Modern Family. At 43, she’s proof that Hollywood really needs to pull its head out of its ass and start noticing that women can still be hot long past their usual narrow-minded cutoff date. Sofia has one son.

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