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Masturbation is good for you. Paging Dr. fifi!

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Back in the ’90s, the U.S. had a surgeon general who went on record to say that masturbation is good for you. At the time it was such a huge controversy that she ended up losing her job.

But she gets the last laugh now, because time has shown that she was on to something. There have been studies published all over the world that showed the cancer-fighting benefits of orgasm. Those studies have found that men who ejaculate more than five times per week are up to 33 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. Cumming helps to flush toxins from your urogenital tract, according to sexologists. (Side note: what’s your homework like when you’re studying to become a sexologist? Even if it’s not hands-on, it has to be a great icebreaker in college when people ask “what’s your major.”)

Even the esteemed Journal of the American Medical Association has published findings that back up the claims, and they added that 21 is a good number of orgasms to aim for every month. You can get the same benefits no matter if it’s through sex, wet dreams, or masturbation.

Other health benefits of masturbation include building muscle tone in your junk so you get harder, improving your mood (well, yeah, we all knew that one), and producing more of the immunity-boosting hormones we need to stay healthy. Oh yeah, and that old trick of making yourself cum before a date so you’ll last longer in the sack actually does work. Science!

So you can wank to your heart’s content because masturbation is good for you. We think that fifi is the best male masturbator, because it feels great and you don’t even have to clean it, thanks to the disposable sleeves. You’re gonna want a healthy supply of those sleeves so you can achieve those five orgasms per week.

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