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Masturbate to build your staying power in bed

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Did you know that the more frequently you have an orgasm, the longer you can last with a sexual partner? Masturbation is one of the most well-proven ways to build up your staying power in bed.┬áJust like it is with nearly anything else in life, practice will improve your skills. It’s the same principle as exercising to tone your body, but it’s a lot more fun for most of us.

Masturbation can relieve your psychological and physical stress, help you get better sleep, and even help you ward off sickness with a boosted immune system. It’s just science. Doctors and researchers have known these things to be true for years.

But one of the greatest reasons to enjoy some quality time with a male masturbator, even when you have a sex partner who’s ready to bone as often as you are, is the simple fact that more orgasms help you last longer the more you do it. Your fifi male masturbator can especially help you with that.

If you’re like most guys, you probably just want to get off and not worry about a sex toy that requires a lot of upkeep. The fifi is the easiest of all pocket pussies to own, because all you do is roll it up with a disposable sleeve inside, fasten it as tightly or loosely as you like it, do your thing, and then throw away the sleeve. That’s it. You don’t need soap, powders, or any of that extra stuff that other male sex toys require to be safe and clean to use. All the fifi requires is a supply of sleeves and your favorite water-based lube.

fifi is the perfect tight hole for you whether you want to build up your stamina or you just want a good male masturbation toy. Don’t settle for using your hand. Get fifi here.