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Happy Holidays to all you masturbators! We know that there are plenty of you out there who are desperate for some holiday stress relief. Masturbation might take a back seat in the festive season, but we don’t let that keep us from spending a little quality time on our own, and we don’t think think you do, either. We might be chronic self-abusers, but it keeps us from losing our minds at this time of year (even more than any other time of year. The less we masturbate during the rush of gift buying, planning, and family visits, the higher our stress levels climb, so our fifi sex toys are getting even more of a workout than usual these days. Having an orgasm is the cheapest and most enjoyable stress reduction technique we’ve ever known.

Science backs up what we’ve always instinctively known. When you have an orgasm, you’re also releasing endorphins that can relieve stress, help you avoid depression, and even boost your immune system (which, of course, we need more this time of year). You can get these benefits from sex, but even if you’re getting laid on the regular, we figure jerking off is just more of a good thing. If you don’t believe us, just do a web search for “masturbation is good for you,” “health benefits of masturbation,” etc.

As a men’s masturbation toy, the fifi is a great way to handle your tension-relieving needs. You don’t have to deal with the additional stress of cleaning it out after you’re done, because fifi uses a disposable sleeve that goes on the inside. When you’re finished, you don’t have to clean up anything. You just throw out the disposable sleeve. That makes it even easier just to roll over and go to sleep after you’ve gotten off.

You could use your hand to ease your holiday stress, but you shouldn’t have to settle for that when fifi is so much better. If you don’t already have your own fifi sex toy for men, stuff your own stocking and get it here.