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Did you know that the fifi male sex toy can help you with your holiday baking? Or, more specifically, all the holiday baking that your lady friend is probably doing… not you, because you’re far too manly for that. (Don’t worry, we don’t judge you if you love to make casseroles or apple pies. Tasty food is tasty no matter who makes it.) You’d be surprised how useful this male sex toy can be for master bakers.

When you’re not fucking your fifi, you’ve probably noticed that it looks like a lot of other things. When it’s laying flat it looks like a heating pad to some people, while others think that it looks like a travel pillow when it’s rolled up. But most of all, people tell us that they think it looks like a hot pad where they can set a dish that’s hot from the oven.

Some fifi owners have told us, in fact, that they have caught their wife or girlfriend using their fifi when she was baking something and couldn’t find a trivet or a potholder big enough to protect the counter. It’s totally sanitary, too, thanks to fifi’s signature disposable sleeve feature. When you aren’t using your fifi men’s sex toy, you can leave it laying flat like a hot pad if you don’t feel like rolling it up and storing it.

Purely by coincidence, your fifi sex toy for men is good for so much more than its intended purpose. It’s the best male masturbator for anyone who likes a tight hole on a budget, and as luck would have it, you can stretch your dollar even further with its multitasking capabilities. In these times when we’re all about “hacks,” it’s good to know that a sex toy can be so much more.

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