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Lazy masturbators love the fifi male sex toy

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Masturbation should be fun and it shouldn’t be a lot of work. That’s a big part of the fifi philosophy, and we think lazy masturbators will agree it’s the right way to live.

When a dude wants to get himself off and he craves something that feels better than his hand, he has usually needed to clean his male masturbator immediately after every use to keep things safe and sanitary. Okay, let’s be real here: no guy who has just gotten his nut wants to wash out a sex toy, dry it, and dust it with powder before he can relax and enjoy that post-wank buzz.

If that sounds like you, then we’re thinking that all you really want is a sex toy for men that feels great but isn’t complicated. That’s when you use a fifi, the best male masturbator for the man who wants a lazy wank. You can skip the cleanup stage because fifi uses disposable inner latex sleeves that you just throw away like a big condom. It rolls up inside the foam outer layer.

Even better, fifi gives you a custom fit. You can roll the fifi up as snugly or loosely as you like it. When you’re inside, you can squeeze it for more pressure. It retains heat for an intimate feel. The more you use it, the better it will fit your unique size and shape.

fifi’s design is so discreet you can take it anywhere or leave it on your night stand without having to answer embarrassing questions.

You have a choice of five colors. You’ll never have to suffer blue balls again with Big Blue. Military buffs and hunters love Commando Camouflage. You’ll never lose the Fire Red fifi in a crowded drawer full of stuff, and if you like it psychedelic you’re going to love this color. If you’re feeling like a jock, you can go for the sweatpants look of Rugged Gray. Mack Black is a classic and has always been one of our most popular colors.

The best male masturbator is one that feels great and isn’t hard to own. fifi is always there for you lazy masturbators out there and it feels so much better than your hand. To get your own, visit