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You exercise to build muscle, get healthier, and look better, so why wouldn’t you want to enjoy yourself with some sexual stamina-building workouts, too? We have found through extensive research (for purely scientific purposes, ha ha) that we can last longer in bed if we have more orgasms. Every guy with a working knowledge of his sex parts has probably figured that one out by the time his balls have dropped. And if you’re having sex, then you want it to last, right? Maybe you’re getting in your exercises with a sexual partner, but if you need some rehearsal before you decide to get it on with somebody else, we think you’ll enjoy getting sexually fit with a fifi male masturbator.

Jacking off is more fun than most of us will ever have at the gym, but it’s got health benefits of its own. It can relieve tension, help you sleep better, and even boost your immune system. Science backs us up on this. But one of the greatest reasons to enjoy masturbating, even when you’re having sex with other people all the time, is the simple fact that more orgasms equal longer endurance.

We’re not talking about using some elaborate equipment, either. If you’re the kind of guy who just wants to get off and not worry about a sex toy that requires cleaning and maintenance, you’re going to love fifi. This is the most low-maintenance, affordable pocket pussy you can buy, because all you do is roll it up tight with a disposable sleeve inside, do your thing, and then throw away the used sleeve. That’s all. You don’t need to wash it, rinse it, powder it, or do any of that extra stuff that other male sex toys require. It can sit on your night stand and people will think it’s a bottle cozy or maybe some kind of heating pad. All the fifi needs is a supply of sleeves and your favorite water-based lube.

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