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If we’re going to keep it real, for male masturbation aficionados, every day should be World Wrist Health Day. We’ve never actually seen this day mentioned on a calendar, but maybe the calendar makers just aren’t paying enough attention. You can bet that male masturbation toys like fifi would be one of the top remedies that doctors could prescribe to relieve stress on wrists and hands during a “session.” What, you don’t have a doctor that likes to promote sex toys for men? Well, maybe we’re crossing some kind of line in saying so, but we think doctors should have our wrist health in mind. They could start by prescribing fifi to all their male patients who like to masturbate.

(Pro tip: All of their male patients like to masturbate. If they say they don’t, then check that their noses aren’t growing when they talk.) (Disclaimer: We are not doctors and this is not medical advice.)

Your fifi is always there for you, ready to help prevent you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It does this by keeping you from having to maintain such a tight grip. You hold the fifi with your hand, but it’s soft and you don’t have to close your fist, so your wrist doesn’t need to work as hard. It’s also soft on the inside, to feel great on your hardness.

And fifi even protects you from any repetitive stress injury you might get from washing up afterward, because cleaning is not a thing you’ll be doing with your fifi. Tossing a disposable sleeve? Easy.

The best male masturbator is the one that feels great and is easy to use. Sounds just like fifi male masturbators! Click here to get your own, and stick that wrist brace in a drawer once you realize your wrist is healthy and happy.