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How Staying in Shape Improves Your Sex Life


Regular exercise is absolutely essential for good health. The Centers for Disease Control stresses that to prevent a wide range of diseases and conditions, 150 minutes of exercise a week is paramount for preventing a wide range of diseases and conditions. If that’s not enough to get you moving, consider this: Regular exercise also improves your performance in bed and increases your sexual satisfaction, and helps to keep your erections worthy of a gold medal for stiffness and duration.

Don’t believe us? Try these benefits on for size.

Exercise lowers your blood pressure.

One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction is high blood pressure. You can take blood pressure meds until the cows come home, but the very best–and healthiest–way to reduce your blood pressure is to get yourself on a treadmill for thirty minutes five days a week. Or play basketball, or swim, or walk, bike, jog, or dance. As long as you’re moving your body and getting your heart rate up for 150 minutes a week, your blood pressure will drop, leading to stiffer and more durable erections.

Exercise improves your endurance, strength and flexibility.

Nothing’s more frustrating than running out of steam before the big bang. If you’re struggling to catch your breath when you’re going at it in the sack, exercise can help increase your endurance so that you can enjoy marathon sex sessions without feeling like you’re going to drop dead. It also helps to improve your flexibility so that you can enjoy some acrobatics in bed if you like that sort of thing, and it improves your balance to keep your sexy moves sexy and your body in the ideal position for going at it the way you want for as long as you want.

Exercise reduces your stress.

Stress is another erection killer. High stress also contributes to heart disease, which can leave you unable to perform up to your high standards. The good news is that regular exercise is a proven stress reducer. Exercise lowers your levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, and it improves your mental health, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, which can also dramatically affect your sexual performance.

Exercise makes you strong.

Sex is hard work, and great sex requires a good deal of strength and stamina. Exercise has you covered on that front. Regular exercise not only makes you stronger, it makes you feel stronger, like you can do just about anything, including making your partner the luckiest gal or guy on the planet.

Exercise gives you confidence.

Yeah, that’s you in the mirror, looking like a god. That’s because you exercise. Exercise helps you keep off extra weight, and it makes you feel like a million bucks. When your clothes make you look svelte and suave, when your muscles have definition, and when you feel you’re at your best possible health, it gives you the confidence you need to be a dynamo in bed. It also makes you feel incredibly sexy and virile, and your partner won’t be disappointed, either.

So get out there, get your body moving, and soon you’ll be reaping the many benefits of regular exercise, both in and out of bed.