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Warm your fifi with a Hot Pocket sleeve

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Every man who owns a fifi sex toy can tell you it’s already great at retaining body heat as you use it, but sometimes a dude wants a warm welcome. You don’t want to come home to a cold house on a winter day, and your dick doesn’t want a chilly reception when you first slide it into your fifi. We know that sometimes fifi benefits from a little warm-up ahead of time. That’s why we’ve come out with the fifi Hot Pocket sleeve, the latest accessory for your favorite male masturbator.

The Hot Pocket is a sleeve that’s designed to heat up your fifi to your desired temperature. You plug it in and choose your heat setting. Fold or roll your fifi, with or without the disposable sleeve in place, and insert it into the Hot Pocket. Wait until your fifi reaches your desired warmth and remove it from the heater—the longer you wait, the warmer it gets. Your fifi will retain the heat for as long as you need it.

It can take about ten to fifteen minutes for the fifi to get warm if it’s rolled up. To speed up the process just a little bit, you can simply fold it instead, and roll it up for use after you take it out of the Hot Pocket.

Before you use your fifi fresh out of the Hot Pocket, make sure you test the warmth with your finger first! You don’t want any kind of accident, know what we mean? And, though it should go without saying given the previous warning, you should never use your fifi while it’s still inside the Hot Pocket.

The customers who have already used the Hot Pocket have told us that it makes using the fifi even better.

Warm up your fifi with the Hot Pocket! No foreplay necessary.