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Healthy diet and better sex


A healthy diet can lead to better sex, as doctors have been telling us for years. Poor nutrition lowers your immune defenses and can lead to a wide range of health problems that can dramatically affect your performance in the sack. A balanced diet in general includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, but certain “superfoods” can supplement your healthy diet with to specifically target your erections.


Magnesium, selenium, copper, vitamin D, and zinc help boost testosterone production, which is necessary for hard-ons and sex drive. Oysters have a reputation as an aphrodisiac for a good reason, and it’s because they are full of these nutrients. Raw oysters contain compounds that promote hormone production in both men and women. Plus, they look like little vaginas.


High blood pressure is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Luckily, lowering your blood pressure can help improve your sexual performance as well as help prevent heart attack and stroke. Garlic is a godsend when it comes to your blood pressure. In fact, according to a study published in the journal Biomed Central Cardiovascular Disorders found that garlic consumption is more potent at lowering blood pressure than many pharmaceuticals. If you don’t like the smell or taste of garlic, you can take supplements for many of the same benefits.


Nitrate-rich foods promote nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which increases your blood flow. The better your blood flow, the harder your erections. Beets are a nitrate-rich superfood, containing one of the highest levels of nitrates you can find in any one food. If beets aren’t your thing, you’ll also find plenty of nitrates in arugula, spinach, and celery.


Blueberries are plump, sweet, and delicious, and they’re bursting with erection-loving flavonoids and phenols, including resveratrol, quercetin, and proantocyanidin. Eating a handful of fresh or frozen blueberries every day is associated with lower blood pressure and reduced arterial stiffness, which translates to stiffer erections.

Raw Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been touted as a superfood for eons, and it’s no wonder: raw cocoa not only reduces your blood pressure, but it also increases your nitric oxide levels and, according to one study, can even double the number of cells required for healthy vascular walls. That doesn’t mean you should start stuffing your face with any old candy bars you can find. Eat dark chocolate with a cacao content of at least 70 percent for the most effect.


Nuts are a pinnacle of good nutrition for their protein and omega-3 fatty acid content, which are heart-healthy nutrients that can help defend against erectile dysfunction. Pistachios in particular are great for strong wood because they contain a protein called arginine, which helps to relax blood vessels. A recent study of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction found that those who ate pistachios every day for three weeks enjoyed significant improvement in their erections as well as increased sexual desire and better overall satisfaction in the sack.

So whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your erections or prevent problems in the future, add these superfoods to your grocery list and enjoy the significant erectile benefits they offer.