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Everyone’s heard of dick pics, of course. Maybe you’ve sent a few of them, too. If your results have been less than exciting, maybe you just need to dress up your dong a little for the photo shoot. Give the recipient of your snapshot something for size comparison or a little more personality. Have you considered doing some self-portraits with your favorite sex toy for men? We can’t promise that your dick pic recipients will be any more likely to jump your bones, but they won’t forget you. At least you’ll have more fun taking the pictures if you have a fifi.

If you think about it, who would want to be on the receiving end of a boring penis portrait? Not that your schlong isn’t enough on its own, but it would be nice of you to give them something more to look at. As a recent episode of Not Safe with Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central showed, you might get a better result from your dick pic if you accessorize it—make your sausage snapshot stand out from all the others with some pizzazz.

We think that a photo shoot with a fifi male masturbator as a prop might be a lot more entertaining than some run-of-the-mill dick pics, but dressing your fifi up in a costume will take it up yet another notch. Maybe you could put some googly eyes on your fifi and pretend it’s about to give your dick a blowjob. Wrap some fake pearls around the fifi as a not-so-subtle hint that you want to give the person a pearl necklace. Put little matching hats on your cock and your fifi.

However you decide to accessorize your dick pics, you can enjoy yourself after the photo shoot by using your fifi male masturbator. If you don’t have one yet, get fifi here.