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Our favorite thing about 2015 has been bringing fifi to the world. The rest of the planet outside our offices didn’t know fifi at the beginning of the year and my, how time has flown since the first one of these adjustable, mess-free men’s sex toys rolled off the production line.

As you get ready to ring in 2016, you can probably expect to see a few hotties in tight clothes at your New Year’s Eve festivities. If you don’t already have a fifi male sex toy waiting for you at home, then you might be settling for your hand as you relieve a case of blue balls before you go to sleep. But you can fuck the pain away with a fifi male masturbator next time you’ve come home from a frustrating night out with lots of sexy, scantily clad babes, and it’ll feel way better than your hand. Order your fifi today and get ready to experience your favorite new toy for a happy new year.

Thanks to fifi and its disposable sleeves, you can masturbate to your heart’s content, toss out what you’ve tossed off, and roll over and sleep off any adult beverages that you may or may not have consumed. Your fifi will be a cheap date and you won’t have to struggle to remember its name in the morning. Even better, you can make fifi feel as tight as you want. With this male masturbation toy, you’ll have no walk of shame the next day. Show Rosy Palmer the door and take fifi for a spin instead.

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