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Happy New Year, fifi lovers!

happy new year

Happy New Year to all of our fifi fans! The fifi Sex Toy for Men turned two years old in 2017.

We’ve got more fun stuff in store for you in 2018, but first we want to help you ease the tension of those sexy New Year’s Eve parties, where there are bound to be a lot of tempting individuals in sexy outfits. Rather than starting off 2018 with the walk of shame, you can get yourself prepared and avoid going home with just anyone who will join you for the after party at home.

As you come home in the wee hours of the first day of 2018, if you don’t already have a fifi male sex toy waiting for you at home, then you might be settling for your hand as you relieve a case of blue balls before you go to sleep. But in case you didn’t know this yet, fifi is much better than your hand and we started selling our no-mess male masturbator in retail stores in 2016, so you can head to your favorite adult novelty store right now and get one.

Thanks to fifi and its disposable sleeves, you can masturbate to your heart’s content and then just toss out what you’ve tossed off. If you’re horny when you get home, fifi is waiting for you and when you’re done, you can throw out the sleeve in your bedside trash can and sleep off the booze without worrying about cleaning up a mess first.

Your fifi will be a cheap date and you won’t have to struggle to remember its name in the morning. Even better, you can make fifi feel as tight or as loose as you want.

With this no-frills male masturbator, you’ll have no walk of shame the next day. Get your fifi in stores or online, and don’t forget we have accessories such as the Hot Pocket, lube (regular or warming), a lube injector, and disposable sleeves.

We hope you have a fun, happy new year!